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This month's fitness and health products have focused around my four main goals form last month: 1) To find a product that will help clear my skin of acne. 2) To take a healthy lunch and snacks to work so that I can avoid the office biscuit tin. 3) To include more protein in my diet as I increase the number of workouts in a week. 4) To boost my immune system and fight off all the coughs, colds and flu that surround me throughout winter. 
Promixx Vortex Mixer

This bottle is every gym-going-gadget-nerd's dream - the Promixx Vortex mixes protein shakes and green juices for you! Simply fill with water and add in a scoop of your favourite green powder or protein powder and press the button at the bottom of the shaker. 

Lazy? Yes. Somewhat pointless? Nope, it's actually far more useful than you'd think! 

The Promixx Shaker takes 2 AA batteries (fitted in the base of the shaker). It's BPA free, has a 600ml capacity and a flip sports cap. The motor is detachable to make it lighter to carry and you can also upgrade it with the Promixx 2.0 upgrade back, featuring a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for easy and fast charging and a compartment to seamlessly store your nutrition supplements, making it great for mixing on the go. As for cleaning it, simply fill with water and turn it on, it'll self clean all those tricky to reach places!

The shakes are really smooth (preventing those annoying no powdery lumps that explode in your mouth like a ball of dust) and it saves the potential embarrassment of spilling shake everywhere when a lid hasn't been pressed down enough before vigorously shaking a regular bottle (I cannot be the only one that's spilt sticky whey all over their favourite gym top while talking to the hot personal trainer). It's also a great way to start up conversation with other gym goers... who will either think your cool or a little weird. 

You can buy the Promixx Shaker and the upgrade pack from Amazon, priced at around £18.89 for the bottle and £16.99 for the upgrade pack. 

Fitmark Pac

This neoprene zip-up pouch is absolutely perfect for taking lunch to work. It fits a lunch box, bottle and fruit and keeps all of it cool for up to 3 hours. 
The inside of the Pac has various 'motivational quotes' printed on it, which is quite a nice touch and you can download the accompanying Fitmark app for a guide to healthy food and general fitness tips. 

Be the envy of your colleagues when you take this Pac to the office!

The Pac is available from Monster for £17.99 but the site promises to match the cheapest price you find online!

Simply Supplements Skin Care Plus

I've had a lot of trouble with my skin lately and tend to get breakouts all over my chin (which any beauty expert will tell you, is usually linked to hormonal imbalance, which does fit in with my other health concerns). As a last ditch attempt (cleansers and creams treat the soreness but will not prevent it), I thought I'd try a daily supplement for my skin. 

The Skin Care Plus supplement contain Aloe Vera, Iodine, zinc and vitamins C and E which protect collagen in the skin (responsible for keeping skin bright and firm) against damage and strengthen the immune system to reduce breakouts and blemishes. Zinc also promotes wound healing by speeding up the skins healing process. 

While my skin is still prone to breakouts thanks to my hormonal issues, the blemishes are healing much quicker and there's no scarring left behind starting a course of these tablets. I've also noticed that my nails look shiner even though I've never been one to manicure them or paint them (mine chips as soon as I get on with my day!)

The Skin Care Plus tablets are available from the Simply Supplements website, £14.89 for 60 tablets. The website also has a great range of multi-vitamins, omega 3 supplements, and pre-conception/pregnancy supplements such as folic acid*. 

*Remember that supplements are not substitutes for a healthy diet and should used on the advice of a medical professional!

Ovivo - Olive Leaf Infusion with Calendula

I've been adding a 70ml shot of this juice to my regular morning green juice for the last week while I've been recovering from flu and the stresses of work. 

Ovivo is a water based infusion of olive leaves and calendula flowers, sweetened with grape and lemon juice. Research has shown that a twice-a-day 500mg dose of olive extract was as effective as an ACE inhibitor at reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, but unlike the prescription-only blood pressure pill, the extract also significantly lowered levels of dangerous triglicerides. (1)

A trial investigating the impact of olive leaf extract on blood sugar control reported a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity after just 12 weeks, while a study in patients with type 2 diabetes found the extract improved insulin levels and reduced HbA1c, a marker associated with a greater risk of diabetes-related complications.

Nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire agrees: 

The study highlights the advantages olive leaf extract can bring to our health and wellbeing when introduced to our diet. We’ve known about the health benefits of olive oil for a long time but this new research confirms the importance of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein and their power as an antioxidant."
 “EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has ruled that olive products must provide a minimum of 5mg of hydroxytyrosol a day to show antioxidant activity and qualify to carry health claims relating to cholesterol benefits, but the Authority warns that some olive oils may be too low in the antioxidant to reach this target.The great news is that a 70ml dose of Ovivo provides at least twice this amount.”
Ovivo costs £13.99 for seven doses in one 500ml bottle and is available from selected Boots stores, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett and independent health stores in the UK and Ireland. For more info, check out the Ovivo website.

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