Sean Lerwill's Top 10 Tips for Getting Fit and Staying Motivated in 2015

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Nearly 30 million Brits attempted to lose bodyfat and get fit last year, but many hit a brick wall when trying to maintain that effort over weeks and months, so ex-Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, Sean Lerwill has issued top tips to get the body you want and maintain it throughout 2015.

After the indulgence of Christmas, many waistlines will be bulging and people across the country will be plotting their gym sessions and exercise routine for the new year, but before sitting down to write a plan that is doomed to fail, the public are advised to follow these key steps to develop the perfect body.

Sean Lerwill says:
It is easy to make a new years resolution to get fit, but it is far more difficult to stick to it. It is important to find ways to make staying healthy more enjoyable. Finding a training partner, varying your exercise and resting properly will all help to ease the strain on your body and your mind. Going to the gym will help to an extent, but exercise is only one-third of the battle so you also need to manage your nutrition, sleep and stress to make a real difference and help you to get and maintain the body you want.
Seans top ten tips are as follows:

1.   Mark your progress – Make sure you can see what changes are happening by taking measurements or photographs at the start and throughout your journey.
2.   Be active – As adults, most of us spend our days sitting at a desk. Research shows that this has a negative effect on fat burning so walk or cycle to work instead of driving/taking public transport and try to hit the gym at lunchtime if you struggle at other times.
3.   Keep positive - Keeping a positive mind-set and avoiding negative thoughts is imperative. When you’ve had a bad day, a setback or a failure; try to see the funny side and don’t listen to negative people. Make yourself feel better by training hard and knowing you are closer to your goal.
4.   Worry about yourself - When you’re in the gym, the only person you should be concerned about is you. Ignore what exercises other people are doing and what weights they’re lifting.
5.   Get a training partner - Everything becomes easier when training with a partner whether it’s for support, motivation or gentle competition.
6.   Variation is key – Vary the exercises you do, as well as the number of reps and rest times regularly to keep your body guessing and adapting.
7.   Less is more – Train hard and intense, but get in and get out. You’ll have more time to eat, sleep and prepare for tomorrow!
8.   Rest – Whether it’s rests between sets or rest days between sessions, you have to listen to your body and rest – without being over-generous and losing the focus of your session.
9.  Snacking – Cakes, biscuits, chocolate and if overdone, even a piece of fruit are not good snacks. Replace them with snacks high in protein such as Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, chicken strips or nuts.
10. Have a ‘cheat’ meal - At least twice a month, and no more than once a week is fine to ensure you can keep to the long term plan. Once you’ve finished that meal that’s it, back to good eating for the week.

A little bit about Sean Lerwill

Haynes Body
Transformation Manual
by Sean Lerwill

Sean Lerwill is an ex-Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, international cover model, Maxinutrition ambassador, celebrity trainer and author of three Haynes manuals on fitness. 

Sean's new book, Haynes Body Transformation Manual provides a step-by-step guide to creating your perfect body, equipped with a full 12-week workout plan for men and women, nutritional information and a wealth of advice, tips and invaluable experience from a top London trainer. I'll be posting a full review of Sean's book this month, so stay tuned!

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