Fitness Comes In All Sizes

Good news for all of you who resolved to get fit in 2015: it takes considerably less time to get fit than it does to slim down! 

While 'weight loss', 'health' and 'fitness' are often grouped together but they are not synonymous. Body weight is a variable within health, often used to assess the risk of developing other health conditions (for example, diabetes, heart disease, PCOS or amenorrhea). Similarly, BMI becomes is for more meaningful when viewed along side Body Fat % and Visceral fat levels. In other words, your weight is only a part of the picture of health!

Fitness on the other hand, has very little to do with the size of your pants. Fitness is more about endurance, flexibility, speed, agility. These variables are measured via your workout stats, heart rate, blood pressure. It is possible to go from unfit to fit in a matter of months, simply by moving more and building your levels up gradually. 

Your fitness level can be measured in simple terms, such as being able to climb an extra flight of stairs without getting out of breathe, being able to walk/run further or faster than before or lifting heavier weights. Tracking these changes are likely to be far more satisfying than tracking weight and will have great implications for your health in the long run (lower blood pressure, stronger bones, stronger heart).

As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I came across this  video on Upworthy about a fitness program called 'The Body Exchange' that focuses solely on increasing fitness rather than 'getting ripped' 'slimming down' or 'melting the pounds'. It's a great program that is tailored around women who would be considered 'plus sized' by other fitness programs. For this reason it's pretty unique and is a great way of getting people of all sizes and abilities progressing with their fitness.

Give it a watch and stop giving yourself such a hard time about the scale. Just enjoy your workouts, eat well and know that you are already getting fitter and healthier, whatever the scale says!

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