February Health & Fitness Buys - The Winter Survival Edit + Giveaway!

With wintery flurry's of snow, hail and heavy rain up and down the country I'm sure many of us are struggling to fight the temptation to snuggle under the blankets and call quits on our workouts and healthy habits in favour of hot chocolate in front of Netflix. As tempting as it all sounds, don't throw away all of your hard work for your new years resolution just because it's February this weekend! Instead, celebrate payday by getting yourself some treats, like fitness trackers and healthy chocolate! Also be sure to enter BTBS's giveaway for 3 months supply of Seven Seas Perfect 7 multivitamins and omega 3 capsules!

Fitbit Charge HR
This one is on my wish list (fortunately it's my birthday this month!). I'm currently using a FitBit One (though, admittedly I briefly cheated in it with the MisFit Shine & Misfit Flash). The FitBit Charge HR will be replacing both my FitBit as an all-day activity and sleep tracker and my Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor, used for workouts. 
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The Charge HR does everything that the One does, with the addition of heart rate monitoring to detect the intensity of the exercises and improve the accuracy of the calorie burn estimates.  

Currently FitBit Charge HRs are priced around £199.99 and can be found on Amazon.co.uk. You can find out more about this gorgeous gadget on FitBit's Website. BTBS will be covering the difference between the new Fitbit Surge and FitBit Charge HR next week!

Ohso Chocolate
Image credit: Amazon.co.uk

It's Belgian probiotic chocolate in small portion controlled bars. Absolutely perfect for a treat that's actually pretty good for you! It comes in a range of flavours too, I highly recommend both raspberry and orange flavoured bars! The packs come with 7 bars - one for each day of the week! Who doesn't want chocolate every day?! 

You can get a pack of 7 bars for £3.99, delivered to your door. Start a subscription for a weekly delivery now on Ohso Chocolate's website or buy a one off pack oh Ohso from Amazon.co.uk.

Camelbak Eddy

I've gained a reputation in my office as the woman who keeps swapping her water bottles- I'm not really sure why this amuses my colleagues so much! The reason is that my first reusable water bottle, the Bobble bottle, while lovely and filtered water, was tiresome to sip from and pull the cap up...sounds lazy I know, but this meant that I barely drank from it and therefore didn't meet my goal of 8 or more glasses a day. My second bottle was a Tritan fruit infuser bottle purchased from Amazon. This one seemed ideal as my water tasted of yummy fruit flavours,making me drink more and it was easy to drink from. This was until in the same day I choked on a lemon pip and it also leaked all over the passenger seat of my car as the flip-top lid wouldn't stay closed. 

So I'm now on my third reusable bottle and I'm certain this one is to stay! The Camelbak Eddy comes in a range of sizes and colours. I've purchased a blue 1 litre bottle. What I love about it is the easy to drink from bite valve so I don't have to tip the bottle, making it easier to drink from while working out and on the move. No faffing around caps or lids! It also doesn't leak all over my gym bag or car seat (staring accusingly at my abandoned fruit infuser bottle here!). The Eddy also has a handy measurement guide down the side so I can easily keep track of how many 'glasses' I've downed. You can buy yourself an Camelbak Eddy from Amazon.co.uk for around £8-£31, depending on the size and colour. 

Seven Seas Perfect 7

Finally, someone has decided to pair up multivitamins with an Omega 3 capsule so I no longer have to buy two separate packs! The Perfect7 packs by Seven Seas contain a 30 day supply. There's 30 fish oil capsules and 30 multivitamin tablets and you simply take 1 of each with your breakfast.

The marine oil in Perfect7 is rich in Omega-3, which contains essential fatty acids DHA and EPA which supports the maintenance of normal heart function1. Alongside the marine oil the daily supplements also contain a blend of many important vitamins and minerals including magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, plus Vitamin B2 to contribute to the maintenance of normal vision.

The 'For Women' version of Perfect 7 is specially formulated to contain Vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormonal activity, as well as Zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and nails. For those of you who are trying to conceive, you'll also be pleased to note that these contain your recommended daily allowance of folic acid and are safe to take while planning for pregnancy. You can buy packs of Perfect 7 from Amazon.co.uk for around £9.15.

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