MyProtein Launches a Women's Fitness Range

MyProtein has launched a women's fitness range which includes protein shakes, supplements and clothing. The MyProtein women's site also has a range of delicious recipes, nutrition articles and training plans - making it a good place to get started on the inevitable New Years Resolution to get fit.   

I love the range of protein snacks on the site, from various high protein nut butters to pancake mixes. I have had a lot of fun exploring the site for post-workout snack ideas and workday pick-me-ups. All of the products in the range are really decently priced given the sizes of the pouches and tubs. MyProtein's peanut butter for example, is just 5.99 for a huge 1kg tub, making it a very affordable way to pack in the protein and fibre and ideal for spreading on a protein pancake in the morning! 

I instantly fell in love with the MyProtein tropical flavoured Total nutri-green powder - just add a small 7g scoop (scoop included) to water and mix it up and you have yourself a delicious green juice. It's a pleasure to have finally found a green juice that doesn't taste like dish water (even if it still looks an ominous dark green) and instead has a sweet citrus taste  providing you get the tropical flavour instead of the plain. The powder is just £7.99 for a 100g pouch - packing in plenty of servings for the money! 

The powder contains 22 different whole foods and fruit and vegetable extracts. Total Nutri-Greens is full of naturally occurring nutrients provided by a vast array of fruit powders and algae including; Spirulina, Wheat grass, Acerola Berry, Broccoli, Spinach leaf, Pomegranate, Apple fibre, Tomato, Elderberry, Blueberry and Chlorella.

My only issue with this product is that it doesn't tell you the quantities of each food or provide an idea of the equivalent to your five a day.Personally, I would treat any green powder as a booster or supplement rather than a substitute for fresh fruit and veggies. 

It's definitely worth checking out the rest of the website for a new gym kit and some recipe inspiration to kick-start the new year!

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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