Food Trend of 2015: The Rise of The Beetroot

The year 2013 saw chia and flax being added into an array of health foods while 2014 saw the promotion of everyone's favourite leafy green veg, kale. 2015 looks like it will be all about beetroot. Beetroot is increasingly being added into smoothies, sports drinks and energy bars as a way of harnessing the vegetable's high levels of nitrate. 

While I'm sure these 'food trends' are a direct product of marketing, there's still no harm in including more chia/ flax/ kale/ beetroot in your diet.

Beets are becoming a popular pre-workout snack in the fitness community. The high levels of nitrate found in beetroot juice interacts with enzymes in saliva to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the blood, acting as natural vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels and as a result increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles, with a significant impact on strength and endurance.  

The Beet It Sport range is taking full advantage of the 2015 trend and has developed an oat flapjack bar and a very potent beet shot drink.  The Beet It Sport Pro-Elite bar, made out of beetroot juice and oats will likely be preferred by gym bunnies over the shots which have a very intense flavour. 

The bar still still provides the same hit of natural dietary nitrate – 400mg, the equivalent to about half a litre of beetroot juice (or 3 or 4 beetroots). If you don't like Beetroot at all however, don't expect to like the taste of either product. You may instead prefer to gain the benefits of beetroot by making a smoothie using Beetroot juice and mask the taste with other strong tasting foods.

The convenient 60g bar is small enough to fit in your gym bag or pocket for a quick hit of nitrate power during exercising. Both the newly launched BEET IT Sport Pro-Elite bar, as well as the BEET IT Sport shots, are now available from Holland and Barrett priced at about £1.95.  Boxes of 15 x 60g bars and 15 x 7cl shots are available online from Amazon priced at £23.50 and .  

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