The New MisFit Flash Vs MisFit Shine

Back in September 2014, the company behind the MisFit Shine announced the release of the MisFit Flash. The MisFit Flash is a waterproof activity and sleep tracker available for under £50, making it far more affordable than most other trackers. Made out of a special soft-touch plastic, the MisFit Flash is comfortable, extremely durable, and waterproof to 30 metres, making it fit for even the toughest uses. It comes in seven unique colours including Zest, Fuschia, and Frost.

So which one should you buy, the Flash or the Shine? The Flash differs from its predecessor, the Shine in a number of ways...


MisFit Flash
The Shine is still priced around £85-£95, even though its been out for over a year. Cleary it's value hasn't diminished! The Flash on the other hand, its more affordable, clocking in at around £45 - a price that beats most activity band and trackers on the market. Great value fr a tracker that offers waterproof activity tracking and sleep tracking with Bluetooth syncing to smartphone apps. 

Winner: Flash

Tracker, Strap and Clasp Material

MisFit Flash                      MisFit Shine
Shine is made out of aircraft grade aluminium with rubber straps and clasps, whereas the Flash and its accessories are made out of soft touch plastic. This is one of the reasons the Flash is more affordable than the Shine. It also means that the Flash is considerably lighter, but more importantly, it means that the magnetic clasp and Bloom necklace accessories that works with the Shine, will not work with the Flash. Hopefully MisFit Wearables will bring out a Flash compatible alternative to the Bloom Necklace. 

Winner: Shine

Button Pressing Vs Tapping

While I love my MisFit Shine, I'm so relieved that the MisFit Flash has done away with the tapping feature and now has a hidden button in the middle for activating progress checks (one press) and activity tracking (press and hold). I have frequently had trouble getting my Shine to pick up on my tapping only for it to look back at me with a stony cold expression. The Flash jumps to attention with its bright LEDs as soon as the middle button is pressed, making it far more responsive than its predecessor. 

Winner: Flash


Both the Shine and Flash take coin batteries - this means no charging required as the battery will last around 6 months. What concerns me is that there is no battery removal tool included with the Flash, like there is with the Shine and I haven't yet discovered how to open the Flash up to replace the battery! 

Winner: Shine

MisFit Flash                                       MisFit Shine

Both the Shine and Flash are waterproof. Shine is waterproof to 50m. whereas Flash is only waterproof to 30m. If you're looking for a tracker that can simply track your suffice swims then this won't make much of a difference to you. Those who wish to track watersports may wish to stick with the Shine. 

Both of the trackers will auto-track sleep without you having to press anything - however this feature works best if you sleep at night. Nightshift workers may need to get around this by activating activity tracking mode on the trackers before snoozing. 

In terms of tracking activities, both trackers can be worn in a number of different places to accurately tracking a range of activities, including cycling (ankle), swimming (wrist), running (chest) and gym sessions (chest).

Winner: We'll call this category a draw


The Flash is fantastic value for money as it tracks all of the same activities as the Shine but for almost half the price. The only slight compromise is that the Shine is waterproof up to 50m whereas the Flash is only waterproof up to 30m. 

Aesthetics wise, The Shine feels nicer to touch and looks more corporate - you wouldn't mind having it on show in the office. The Flash however, its probably more convenient for highly active individuals who want it to track their gym workouts with just the touch of a button instead of furiously tapping away.  

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