The Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Cooking Easier Over The Festive Season

'Tis the season for rushing around the kitchen cooking a million different dishes for the various guests that will inevitably pop round. Many of us are still at work right up until the last minute so we really don't have the time to spend hours over a hot stove. 

Fortunately, there are kitchen gadgets that can shave hours off preparation and cooking time and even cook meals for us while we're not at home!

In addition to making fruit smoothies, my Duronic blender comes out pretty much every meal time! Lately I'm a fan of making pancake batter in it (yes, really). Simply mix up two eggs and a banana and pour into a frying pan - instant healthy breakfast pancakes. Sprinkle some cinnamon on them for a Christmassy-taste. 

I also use the blender to purée chopped tomatoes for recipes instead of sieving them by hand which takes up so much time. 

Slow Cooker

Pop your ingredients in, turn it on and off to work you go. Return home and ta-da, dinner is ready! Perfect for a leftover-turkey curry and makes your home smell amazing for when you get in from a busy day of Christmas shopping.

Apparently you can also use slow cookers to bake bread and cakes... something I will be testing over the Christmas holiday so watch this space!

George Forman Grill

Cooks meat quickly and drains all the fat off it for you. Works well for steaks, sausages, chops, chicken & homemade burgers. A great alternative to a New Year's Eve BBQ! 

I fancy pairing mine with a Halo Fryer so I can have a healthy steak and chips with pea shoots - Beefeater restaurant style but with reduced fat.

Kitchen Timer

The Oregon 2-channel timer is ideal for Christmas dinner. Set the first timer channel for your roast potatoes and set the second one for your turkey, then forget about them both while you focus on the trimmings (or a glass of muled wine). 

The timer has a magnet for your fridge and flashes green while its counting down. You can also adjust the volume for the timer so you could set it to the loudest setting and go an enjoy a drink with family and friends in the living room.

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