Overboard Waterproof Sports Bag Review

OverBoard Waterproof Duffle Bag
If you've ever been in a boat with someone who just can't get the hang of using the oras, or on a peddalo when the waves are getting up, then you'll understand the level of fear you have when you're looking at that canvas bag sitting at your feet containing your phone, camera and money when there's a very real possibility that it'll be going for dunk when you fall into the water. 

You can't always leave your bag on a beach or dock if the whole family is going with you on the boat or if you're on your own - there's the risk of it being stolen. But at the same time, our phones, cameras and kindles are expensive to replace should they get water damaged. This leaves us with too options - be the one to stay on the dry land and miss out on all the fun and exercise, or find a waterproof bag so that all the essentials can come with you. 

Thankfully, OverBoard, the leading designer and manufacturer of water sports and travel gear, has launched a range of 100% waterproof sports bags. The range includes Dry Tube bags (perfect for lifeguards or tourists wanting to go on a Banana Boat ride!), Duffel bags (pictured above) and Backpacks (great for skinning trips!).

Step 1
Unroll and pack the bag
Step 2
Roll the top of the bag up
All products in the new range float safely if dropped in water and will protect contents from dust, dirt and sand. The bags fasten using a 'Fold Seal System' - which is basically a length of PVC tarpaulin material at the top of the opening on the bag which is rolled up, clipped into place and fastened by velcro to prevent any water coming in through the top of the bag. 
Step 3
Stick the Velcro strips together

At first, it was a challenging getting the material to roll up tight enough to fasten it to the velcro but after a few goes the material becomes less stiff and easier to roll. It's now more convenient to fasten than a zip locks out the water. We tested it by filling the bag with tissue and dunking the bag in the bath - not a bit of tissue was soggy and the bag (despite being quite heavy even when empty) stayed afloat!

I particularly like the reflective strips on the front and back of the bag and the silver side panels - making the bag easier to spot in the water.

Waterproof Dry Tubes
Waterproof Dry Tube 
Starting from £12.99 / Available from www.overboard.co.uk

Made from heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin and available in yellow, red, blue, black and pink, the new Classic Waterproof Dry Tube bags are incredibly hardwearing as constructed using PVC tarpaulin. High frequency welded seams combined with OverBoard’s simple Fold Seal System make them 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion, even floating if dropped in water.

The Classic Waterproof Dry Tube bags come in a range of sizes from 5-litres up to 40-litres meaning they are perfect for carrying and protecting gear, whether it’s a change of clothes or serious water sports equipment.  An adjustable shoulder strap and a grab handle make it easy and comfortable to carry.

Waterproof Duffel 
Starting from £44.99 / Available from www.overboard.co.uk

Waterproof Duffels
The Classic Waterproof Duffels, which are made from a PVC bonded nylon fabric with a PVC tarpaulin base, are extremely sturdy protective bags.  OverBoard’s signature Fold Seal System with a Velcro strip combined with the high frequency welded seams make it 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion.
Other features including an external waterproof front zip pocket, two light reflective strips, a top carry handle and a padded adjustable shoulder strap, make the Classic Duffel highly portable and an ideal travel, boat or camping bag.

The Classic Waterproof range of duffels is available in yellow and black and comes in a variety of sizes including 40-Litres, 60-Litres and a whopping 130-Litres.
Waterproof Backpack 
Starting from £44.99/ Available from www.overboard.co.uk

Perfect for water sports and all types of activities, the new Classic Waterproof Backpack protects gear from water, sand, dirt and dust. Perfect to take out on the water, the Classic Backpack is 100% waterproof. It’s made from durable PVC tarpaulin, has high frequency welded seams and features the simple Fold Seal System making it suitable for quick submersion and will float if dropped overboard.

Other useful features include a light reflective strip and patches on the straps for maximum visibility, a large side mesh pocket as well as multiple D-rings to hang equipment or a camera off. Additionally, the backpack combines a comfortable ventilated back panel with comfortable, buoyant, lightweight and ventilated straps making it easy to carry around all day.
Waterproof Backpack

The Classics Waterproof Backpack is available in two sizes (20-Litres & 30-Litres) and comes in yellow or black.

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