Gompel's Top 10 Ludicrous Fitness Gadgets That You Can't Look Cool Using

Image Credit: Compels Health
From digital body composition analysers to wearable activity trackers, there are some really great inventions out there to motivate you and keep track of your fitness goals and progress. Then there are inventions like the ones listed below.

Gompels Healthcare has put together this hilarious list of fitness gadgets that have unsurprisingly never quite taken off!

1) The Hawaii Chair

"That feels great on my abs". If you think this is a spoof, think again. This is the Hawaii Chair. Perfect for using in the office, after all , "if you can sit, you can get fit". It even comes with its own theme song. Perfect abs ahoy!

2) The Face Trainer

We don't know how these two made it through the whole infomercial without cracking up. We also don't know whether the FaceTrainer will give you a wrinkle-free mug. What we do know is that this contraption would not look out of place in a BDSM dungeon...

3) The ToneFone

Addicted to your iPhone but also want beautiful biceps? Have we got the solution for you. This is a super-scientific iPhone case, weighted and shaped like a dumb bell. Just genius.

4) Sauna Pants

Yes, these are real and you can buy them online. We're serious. For those of you who like to get your sweat on, even when you're away from the sauna "just wrap and relax!".

5) Osim iGallop

Ever wished you could enjoy that horse riding workout in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can! All thanks to the incredible iGallop. Ride 'em, cowgirl... we think you'll probably like it...

6) Shake Weight

Want to banish those bingo wings? We think Casey's toned arms speak volumes. Perfect for pointless jiggling.

7) Forever Fit Whole Body Vibrator 

Until now, we didn't know it was possible to jiggle in this many different ways. We're not sure how much weight this creation will help you lose, but we're pretty sure trying it out is going to be fun.

8) Belt Exercisers 

Meet the vintage version of the Forever Fit vibrator. This high tech belt exerciser would wiggle your jiggly bits into submission in no time—apparently.

9) Ab Lounge

It may look like a kinky deckchair, but the Ab Lounge is here to get you more toned than a Grecian demi-god. It will probably work, but you will look ridiculous in the process.

10) Body Blade

We're not here to question Bruce's physiotherapy credentials, we're here to giggle at the lady in the background using his ridiculous creation. Sorry Bruce.

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