The Hottest Fitness Gadgets of Autumn 2014

MisFit Shine
Image Credit: Ranieri Communictions.
Autumn 2014 sees the release of exciting fitness gadgets that will slide right into your working life, from activity and posture trackers with clasps that fit right into business meetings, to laptop bags that can handle the hazards of cycling to work. 

Here's a round-up of the hottest developments in fitness tech which will motivate you to workout in the cold winter months..

1. MisFit Shine (pictured above) and Misfit Bloom Necklace
Misfit Bloom
Image credit: Ranieri Communications

The Misfit Shine continues to impress me with an expansion on the ways you can wear it, such as the Bloom necklace. 

The Bloom Necklace is an elegant, hand-finished, stainless steel pendant that clips to the Shine effortlessly. It featuring a spiralling geometric design on an 18” stainless steel chain, allowing you to wear the activity tracker like a piece of jewellery MisFit have released a leather wrist strap to replace the standard included strap. While the standard strap is secure, durable and sporty, the new leather strap certainly makes the Shine look more in keeping with business wear if you're those who prefer to wear their Shine on their wrist. 

You can purchase both the Bloom necklace and the leather strap on Amazon.

For those reading this wondering what a MisFit Shine actually is, think of it as a stylish, waterproof FitBit or NikeFuel Band. It tracks your daily activity and sleep either from your wrist, bra, shirt, trainer, or necklace and syncs this data to the MisFit app. You can earn points and set activity goals via the app as well as track your progress to towards your weight loss goal. 

While I still haven't quite mastered the tapping feature to display the time and my progress (who knew there wear so many ways to double tap something?), I manage to triple tap it before I want to track my sleep and swims. 

I've now replaced my FitBit One with this, simply because wearing it is far more comfortable and the straps are stronger than that of the FitBit One clip and the sleep sleeve (both of which are now broken after two years of daily use). Whie I still track gym workouts using my Heart Rate Monitor, I love that my swims can now be recorded by a device too, something which a FitBit One could not do but that the MisFit Shine manages well with being waterproof and button-less. 

You can purchase a MisFit Shine on Amazon in a range of colours for around £69-99. 

2. Lumo Lift
Lumo Lift
Image Credit: Ranieri Communications

You may already be familiar with the Lumo Back which vibrated whenever the wearer began to slouch in their chair. The Lumo Lift also provides real-time feedback on body position and movement, as well as tracking activity. The sensor provides a gentle vibration to remind users to keep their shoulders back and head lifted if slouching for great posture at all times.It comes with a small metal clasp, which is available in an assortment of styles and can even be worn invisibly, by placing it under a shirt collar or using a bra strap clasp. 

The Lumo Lift is £79.99 and will be available from Amazon from November and Apple Stores from the end of October. 

3. Booq Boa Nerve

Boa Nerve
Image credit: Ranieri Communications
This messenger bag has been designed to hold and protect a 15” laptop, as well as your phone, kindle and work papers. The bag is water resistant with a rubberised bottom and reflective trim for visibility. It's extra thick padding and padded straps make it very comfortable to wear and ideal for protecting your tech from bumps, shocks and harsh weathers. 

If you cycle to the office, this is essential for surviving the winter commute!

The Boa Nerve is available to purchase from for £110.

Jabra Pulse
Image credit: Ranieri Communicaions

4. Jabra Pulse

Take training to the next level and get the ultimate wireless workout with Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds and Sport Life Application. This all-in-one training solution is a world first, combining an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, impressive Dolby® sound and real-time voice coaching. Perfect for keeping you company while running on a dark, chilly morning!

These earbuds are available to buy in Selfridges stores from October 2014 onwards and priced at around £199.

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