Water Proof Headphones and Under Water MP3 Players

ODOYO Waterproof Sport
Since their launch in June this year, I've been testing ODOYO's waterproof headphones in all kind of conditions. They've survived sweat, torrential thunder storms and... my shower. The EP900i earphones are waterproof up to one metre and are also dust proof, freeze proof and shock proof - making them perfect for a wide range of sports.

The EP900i are designed to work with iPhone, iPod and iPad. They have an in-line remote for music controls and also have a microphone for making phone calls and using with Siri.

What surprises me most about these earphones is the price, just £25 from Phones4U. They have a pretty crisp sound for this price, comparable to that of Skullcandy or Sony ear buds. The earphones come with 3 sets of in-ear cups of different sizes so that you can customise the fit, ensuring that they fit comfortably and won't fall out while you're focused on training for a triathlon or perfecting your front crawl. They also come with a nylon carry pouch and are available in white, blue and black. 

Unfortunately, the cable (despite it's 1.2m length) restricts what I can do with these earphones. I would have loved to test them with my iPhone while swimming, given that my iPhone has became my dominant source of music. Were these earphones wireless, I could have easily left my iPhone in my bag at the pool side. The wire means that my iPhone would simply have to remain on my person while working out - which presents a problem with swimming, given that the integrity of a waterproof iPhone case would be greatly compromised if an earphone jack was to be included in the design. 

Instead I tested the earphones in the shower with my iPhone placed safely on the other side of bathroom on the shelf and made it my mission to find a waterproof alternative to my iPhone so that I can have a swimming soundtrack. 

Happily, there are many waterproof alternatives to iPods and iPhones to allow swimmers to get their music fix. Here's BTBS' top three underwater mp3 players which you can pair with the ODOYO EP900i:

Speedo Aquabeat
While the Speedo Aquabeat comes with its own clip on earphones, some users may prefer the in-ear design of the ODOYO EP900i earphones. 

The Aquabeat is available in red and grey for £59 from Amazon.co.uk and also pink, lime green and plain black for £39.50 from Amazon.co.uk.

Once again, the Exeze Rider comes with clip on earphones which my not suit everyone - especially those of use with small ears! 

Boasting 4Gb space, this budget mp3 player is well worth its£34.95 price tage on Amazon.co.uk

Arena Pro
At the high end market, is the Arena Pro 4gb, with its additional features of a OLED display, a pedometer and an FM radio. It's waterproof to 3 meters, floats and is clorine and salt resistant. You can buy it in green, black and pink.

The Arena Pro is available on Amazon.co.uk for £79.

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