UFit Protein Drinks - Super Sized Protein Shakes & Bottled Breakfast

The Protein Drinks Co have a great range of UFit protein shakes available in both strawberry and chocolate flavours. The range includes my two favourite shakes - the new 'UFit Breakfast' and 'UFit Pro 50' - a super sized protein shake that can be spilt into two throughout the day or consumed immediately after an endurance session (or in my case, consumed at the gym in between an Insanity class followed by Body Pump!)

Aside from the deliciously rich velvety chocolate flavour, what I love most about the range is the fibre content. This is something which is often lacking in protein bars and shakes (and one of the reasons I'm loyal to Quest protein bars). The500ml  Ufit Pro 50 shake contains 3g of fibre and boasts a massive 50g of protein, making it ideal for sipping on throughout the work day or for after endurance training. 

For anyone that has attempted to eat six meals a day (four small meals, plus two snacks) you'll appreciate the simplicity of having a super-sized protein shake to fulfil the two snacks. It's also far easier to grab this out my fridge on the way to work than it is to pre-prepare two protein shakes using whey protein powder and then have to wash the shakers out afterwards. That sounded lazy of me didn't it? But seriously, being healthy can be challenging enough in the work place without needing to complicate matters any further.

The Protein Drinks Co has also just launched UFIT Breakfast, a high protein nutrition drink for those on the go (you no longer have excuse to skip breakfast!) Each 330ml bottle contains 15g protein and a combination of protein and carbohydrates from oats for a sustained supply of energy throughout the day. Additionally it contains Calcium and at least 30% of your recommended daily allowance of key vitamins C, E and D. 

Ufit Pro 50 (£3.75) and UFit Breakfast (£2) are both available to buy from Tesco. Other products in the UFit range included a standard size protein shake (330ml), available for £2 from Tesco. I'm hoping a multi-pack option will become available to save money in the long term, but in the meantime, I'd sooner spend £3.75 - £2 daily on protein shakes than I would on coffee or junk food.

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