Eye-Fi Mobi - A Wireless Memory Card

The Eye-Fi Mobi App in action!
A little disclaimer, this post has nothing to do with health or fitness. I basically just like technology and when I find a gadget that makes some part of my life easier, I want to share it with others. I'm sure I'll be the same in the midst of wedding planning (wedding planner apps!) and when I become a parent (gadgets now exist that can predict when a baby will wake up!). Perhaps this blog will eventually expand to become a more of a lifestyle blog... who knows?!

The Eye-Fi Mobi card has saved me so much time since coming back from holiday last week. It looks just like a regular SD memory card and fits in any digital camera as a replacement for a SD card. What makes it it special is that any pictures taken on the card can be wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone thanks to the card's own built-in WiFi. 

This means that there's no longer a need to wait until you to get home to your laptop (or to the nearest WiFi source) to have your camera photos on your phone to share with others.

Eye-Fi Mobi 8gb Card
(RRP: £33.99)

It also means that I can leave my iPhone in the safety of my hotel room while I use my more rugged camera on beaches, boats and in the water. It's certainly ideal for anyone with a passion for photography who would like to combine the quality of their camera with the convenience of their smartphone.

Enter the activation code
 into the app...
The Eye-Fi Mobi card is really easy to set up, simply replace your regular SD card in your camera for the Eye-Fi Mobi card and download the Mobi app from your phone's app store.  

The card comes with it's own unique code (printed on a label on the SD card case) which can be entered into the Mobi app to activate it. Then just follow the on-screen prompts to accept the wireless profile (pictured below).

...then just accept the
wireless profile.
After this, the Mobi app will automatically download pictures from your camera whenever your camera is switched on and your phone is connect to the Eye-Fi Mobi card's wireless network.

If you're using an iPhone, then the pictures downloaded in the app will be stored on your iPhone in Pictures>Albums>Eyefi, or alternatively you could save the photos from within the app to your camera roll. I chose to do it this way so that my Dropbox would automatically sync all of my holiday videos and photos to the cloud as a backup - as I would hate to lose my holiday snaps! 

In addition to travelling, I'll be using this card again at friends weddings and  arming the bridal party with it at my own wedding so that all their pictures can be stored on my phone as soon as they are taken!

The Eye-Fi Mobi card can be purchased from on Amazon.co.uk in 8gb (£33.99), 16gb (£51.99)and 32gb (£71.99) capacities.

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