The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (Book Review)

I usually avoid celebrity books at all costs. Mostly, because they're endorsing a faddy diet or dramatic weight loss (usually down to their personal trainers and chefs and hours in the day for exercise). Cameron's book is however, very different to what I expected.  

For one, it contains actual science and nutritional advice. She's clearly carried out research and spoke to people that know their stuff. As with the exercise section, in which she promotes lifting weights (hooray for strong women!). Cameron uses a lot of metaphors to explain the science, which if you're new to it all, are really helpful.   

The book is split into three parts: Nutrition, Fitness and Mind. The 'Mind' section handles the psychological aspects of healthy living and weight loss, including forming healthy habits and decoding comfort eating. 

While this book starts off with a very gushy undertones about your body's power and inner glow etcetera, etcetera,  there is very well research advice within the pages. Perhaps the gushy undertones will suit some people (I'm more of a 'no-nonsense, get to the point and tell me straight kind of person') I'm sure others will perhaps find it comforting, perhaps even empowering and inspiring. You can certainly hear Cameron Diaz's voice as you read the book! If you're someone who struggles with self-loathing and really hating your body, seeing it as the enemy, then this book will help you see that you can work with your body and in doing so, make life, healthy living and weight loss so much easer and even enjoyable.

The nutritional and fitness advice is not likely to be anything surprising to you if you're well versed in these areas all ready, but if you're coming from a background with little more than a list of failed diets, this book well be very useful for laying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Don't be put off by the side boxes of biological processes, Cameron does a really a good job of explaining these and I think having this knowledge is important for understanding why you're eating and exercising in a particular way (this knowledge is also handy to have should you find yourself in an argument at the dinner table about why fats and carbs ARE an important part of your diet).

The Body Book is available to buy on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, audio and kindle formats. 

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