JimJams Healthier Fruit, Nut & Chocolate spreads

JimJams are a range of spreads that are low in sugar and calories and free from artificial colours and preservatives. They come in 6 flavours: strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, marmalade, milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate spread (think - low sugar version of Nutella).

The jams contain 33% less sugar than leading brands and 84% less sugar than leading chocolate spread brands. Being the sceptic I am, I checked the ingredient labels expecting to find sweeteners - but no, there's none of them either!

These spreads all taste great. The hazelnut spread has replaced the Nutella in my granola bars and while the taste is no different, the recipe is lower in sugar and calories as a result. I also treated myself to a dash of milk chocolate spread on top of my graze popcorn. It took a little while to melt (unsurprisingly given that it's a spread and not a sauce!) but when it did it was delicious!  

The whole family have been enjoying the jams spread on toast. the natural sugars in the fruit jams make it pleasantly sweet - leaving me wondering why other jam brands bother adding additional sugar in the first place. The jams may seem a little runnier than other brands, but this is easily solved by popping the jar in the fridge once opened. 

You can buy the JimJams on Amazon and on the Jimmysfarm website for around £1.99-£2.49. The Jimmy's Farm site has a range of wholesome food suitable for all of the family.

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