How to Enjoy Easter Eggs and Still Stay On Track

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With Easter looming, the lure of chocolate treats can be a dietary nightmare
for many people looking to keep the pounds off. In the UK we spend a massive £4 billion a year on chocolate. This averages at £65 per person and 53,000 extra calories – enough to help us gain 15lb in a year, according to Jason Vale, author of Chocolate Busters.

However, according to Laurence Beeken, Food Information Executive at
Weight Loss Resources, the fancier brands are usually the worst offenders. 
The luxury eggs are the ones that contain more chocolate, thicker chocolate in the actual eggs and are usually much bigger. So whilst you think you are treating your loved one, you are actually not doing them any favours in the health department.

Weight Loss Resources have come up with a very useful advice guide to help us all decide how much we can indulge this Easter. When it comes to buying Easter eggs, which are the best type to buy or indulge in?

No Frills!
Brands such as Cadburys and Nestle are usually the better eggs to buy as they
contain a hollow egg and none of the extra frills such as lots of truffle chocolates.
For example, a Cadburys Buttons Easter egg contains 858 calories. However, a
Thorntons Egg contains 1715 calories.

You can see the full guide online at:

Avoid Easter Eggs At All Costs?
Not necessarily says Laurence: Whilst just 50g of chocolate can contain as many
calories as a light lunch, there are some benefits, as chocolate contains chemicals
which stimulate feelings of well being. So a little bit can be a good thing. And how
does Easter compare to other festive foods such as Christmas meals? Laurence
says that whilst we may over indulge at Christmas, it tends to be foods that fill us
up quickly and so we can easily eat more calorie dense chocolate without the
feeling that we have had enough.

Go Plain!
Go for plain chocolate instead of milk. As well as containing more heart-healthy
flavonoids, the more intense flavour will satisfy your taste buds more easily so
you won’t want to eat as much.

Keep it out of sight!
Keep your chocolate in the back of the fridge or somewhere out of sight. By
keeping it in the fridge, it will not only stop you constantly nibbling on it, chilled
chocolate will last longer in your mouth!

Don’t ‘guesstimate’!
Don’t ‘guesstimate’ the number of calories in a chocolate egg. Instead, try to work
it out. Many eggs now give calorie information per 100g and the weight of the
egg itself. To calculate the calories in the whole item, multiply the calories per
100g by the weight and then divide by 100. For example, the calculation for an
egg that contains 530 calories per 100g and weighs 175g is as follows: (530 x
175) = 92,750 ÷ 100 = 927.5 calories.

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