Easy to Make Fish Cakes

This fish cakes are really filling and only have 125 calories each.

To make 6 of them you will need:

  • 2 large potatoes
  • 2 fresh fish fillets, I've used haddock but this will work with any fish.
  • One packet of parsley sauce
  • 250ml milk
  • 1 packet of breadcrumbs

1) Begin by peeling and dicing the potatoes and popping them in a big saucepan to boil.

2) Meanwhile, heat up a frying pan, add 100ml of milk and place the two fish fillets in. After a while, the skin will peel away easily. At this point, drain the milk and continue to fry the fish using cooking oil spray until the fish begins to turn golden on it's sides. 

3) Once the potatoes are boiled, mash them and place to one side in a large bowl to cool. When the fish has cooked, break up the fillets and mix in the flakes of fish with the potatoes. 

4) Next, make up the packet of parsley sauce, this normally requires you to add around 150ml to a sauce pan, bringing it to the boil and then stirring in the parsley sauce mix. Add this to the bowl with the fish and potato and mix well with a wooden spoon. The mixture should feel stiff enough to stick together in a ball.

5) Preheat a griddle pan. Taking a large baking sheet, cover it with a sheet of foil (this reduces mess and washing up!) and pour out enough breadcrumbs to cover the baking sheet. Taking a large circular cookie cutter and place this in the middle of the breadcrumbs. Scoop out some of the mixture and mould it into the cookie cutter. Pat some breadcrumbs onto the top of the fish cake, remove the mould, pat breadcrumbs around the edges and then flip over to ensure all sides are covered. Repeat this 6 times, adding each fish cake to the pan as you go. 

6) Flip the fish cakes in the pan after about 10 minutes and cook until golden brown. Serve with big green garden peas or salad.

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