101 Things To Do Before You Diet (Book Review)

101 Things To Before You Diet is written by 40 year old lifestyle journalist, Mimi Spencer. This book is a practical and funny guide to the little changes you can make in our life to make you healthier, more confident with your body and even lose weight without resorting to a diet. 

Mimi draws on her experience of writing for fashion magazines to give you tips on dressing for your body type (instead of the clothing that only looks good on the unrealistic shop mannequins) and beauty tips for the art of illusion in addition to fixing unhealthy eating habits, fitting in exercise  and finally, how to silence that for ever critical voice inside your head.  

There's no structured meal plans or workouts, instead each chapter is broken down into individual tips. I feel that this would have been a good structure had all the related topics been grouped together, instead the book kind of flits between a chapter on food and a chapter on fashion, then back to food again. 

If you're interested in fashion and beauty you'll surely love the tips in this book, or perhaps you just want to know how to dress to flatter your figure - in which case, I highly recommend this book for that. Mimi has a very witty style of writing that'll amuse you far more than a fashion magazine ever could!

In terms of the food tips however, much of it is really common sense to anyone who's been on the path of healthy living for some time, it's mostly along the lines of moderation, filling yourself up with fibre, protein and glasses of water and eating whole foods instead of made-made rubbish. Pretty sensible stuff really.

Mimi even slams faddy diets at the beginning of the book, pointing out that they are simply not sustainable or remotely enjoyable and merely trap dieters in a money-making loop. Mimi makes a very good point when she states that for every diet book purchased, we put on an extra pound. It's true, people take up faddy diets, lose weight on them rapidly, slow down their metabolisms in the process, then get fed up of the strict rules,resume eating in the same way as before only to gain the weight lost back plus more due to the slower metabolism. Then what do they do? Buy another freaking diet book and try another faddy plan!

Which is perhaps why it disappointed me so much to discover that after she published this book in 2009, Mimi went on to co-author 'The Fast Diet' with Dr Michael Mosley in 2013. If you ask me, she should have stuck with '101 Things...' instead of feeling hungry all weekend on that damn 5:2 diet I keep hearing women winge about and panicking about how to fit a days worth of food into a stingy 500 calories (I ate more than this when I came down with salmonella!). I wonder how many extra pounds have been gained since the 5:2 diet hit the book shelves.

Anyway, enough of my ranting about why I despise diets. This book is an amusing read with good tips for addressing body confidence, fashion and beauty which is far wittier to read than any fashion magazine.  

101 Things to Do Before You Diet is available to buy on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats.

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