What's Your Excuse For Not Eating Healthily? (Book Review)

Joanne Henson has published a follow up book to her straight-talking, no-nonsense book 'What's Your Excuse... For Not getting Fit?'. Her second book follows the same style but focuses on the matter of healthy eating. 'What's Your Excuse for Not Eating Healthily?' is a concise answer for a wide range of popular excuses for eating junk and avoiding your five-a-day like its the plague. Both of these books are ideal for them moments when you hear yourself making a crappy excuse and need a your butt kicked to get you back on track!

The excuses covered in the book are separated under the following headings: Mind, Food, Weather, Diets, Knowledge, Body, Social Life, Finances, Location, Logistics, Time and The Lamest Excuses Of All. 

I'm ashamed to admit that I've heard myself say some of the things listed in the Social Life category ("I'm eating out" / "It's someone's birthday" / "It's [insert bank holiday]") and also one from the location category ("I'm on holiday!" - cue a 10 day all you can eat, non-stop feast with minimal exercise). Joanne's right to dismiss all of these excuses as just that. Let's face it - there will always be a food-related holiday around the corner, complete with social meals, adverts full of 'seasonal' foods and other people feeling guilty for overindulging who are all too eager to encourage you to join in as their bloated sidekick. We simply need to work around this, plan in advance, stay strong, and remind ourselves what we're aiming for (health, hopefully!).

To tackle dips in motivation, the beginning of the book asks you to list the benefits of eating healthily and the consequences in eating unhealthily. These lists can be very useful to look at when you feel yourself caving in, whether it's the kids' leftovers or a bottle of wine after a stressful day at work.  

What I particularly like about this book is the stance it has on Diets (capitalised, to distinguish it from the original usage of the word 'diet', used to refer the kinds of food we eat on a daily basis). Joanne recognises that Diets are not sustainable, rarely healthy and just too much hard work compared to making small changes in eating habits over time. Who wants to feel crabby, tired and deprived all the time anyway?!

Available over at Amazon in both paperback and kindle edition, this quick read is certainly worth a flick through to call you out on your own lame excuses.  (Click here to buy on Amazon.co.uk)

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