MisFit Shine - An activity tracker to rival the FitBit?

At the end of 2013, MisFit Wearables released their first UK product, the MisFit Shine. 

The Shine is a waterproof activity tracker that can be worn on your clothes using a magnetic clasp or around your wrist, using it's included rubber strap. 

Made out of air-craft grade aluminium and about the size of a 50p coin, the Shine's smooth and sleek appearance means that it will blend in discretely however you choose to wear it.  

Activity tracking 
Much like the popular FitBit, the Shine tracks much more than steps, it can be used to track workouts and sleep. The Shine scores points over the FitBit in this area as it can be worn for swimming so you can track your calorie-burn in the pool! 

Wearing the Shine
The Shine comes with a magnetic clasp and a wrist strap. Both of these accessories are made out a flexible rubber material and fit on the Shine by stretching them around the ridges of the Shine. For general activity tracker the Shine is best in the magnetic clasp attached to clothing (think pocket, sports bras, or shirt). For swimming and sleep tracking it's best to use the adjustable wrist strap.


The data collected by the Shine is synced to the Shine smartphone app by placing it on the screen of your iPhone. The app is where you can see your progress in the form of points towards your chosen goal as well as an activity log and calories burned. 

Unfortunately, as of yet there is no web version of the Shine and no way to sync the Shine without the use of either an iPhone or an Android phone. 

Tapping for progress & time 
You can double-tap the Shine for an instant update on your progress and the time, indicated by a halo of little white lights on the front of the Shine. This is very elegant but I've found that the 'double-tap' can be a bit hit an miss, resulting in a triple tap, or a quadruple tap to get the Shine to light up! I found it easier to just use the app for feedback and use an actual watch for the time.

The Shine is operated by a coin battery which lasts about 4 months. This means that unlike the FitBit, you won't have to re-charge the Shine every week or two!

Set-up & packaging
The Shine comes packaged in a somewhat space-age plastic egg. You press the Shine out of the circle plastic insert and behind a card flap you'll find some quick-start instructions, the clasp and strap and a tool to open the Shine up to fit the included battery. Make sure you fit the battery the correct way up or the Shine won't turn on. Once the battery is fitted and the Shine's case clicked shut the lights will illuminate briefly. Simply open the app on your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions for setting up a profile customised to your height and weight. Sync your profile data to the Shine by tapping the circle on the screen and placing your Shine on the screen. 

The Shine is available from John Lewis for around £99.95 and you can also find it on Amazon.co.uk for slightly cheaper. It's a sleek and robust tracker and I love that it's waterproof and doesn't need recharging. My only bugbear with it is the double-tap feature but as I wear it on my bra during the day I haven't needed to check progress using the Shine itself and instead use the app to check this. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a waterproof 24/7 activity tracker!

For more information and a demo of the Shine you can check out the company's YouTube video:

received a free sample of the product  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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