BTBS's 5 Weapons Against Cellulite

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Cellulite, also known as 'orange peel skin', isn't harmful, but it's certainly an issue many women complain about and cite as yet another reason for low-self esteem. (I'm blaming the photo-shopped thighs of models on beaches for this).

Most women will have cellulite at some point in their lives, usually affecting their thighs and/or bum - and no, it doesn't matter what your BMI is, slim women can get it too. While cellulite itself does not present as a health concern, it can be symptomatic of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Cellulite is fatty tissue beneath the skin that presents as a dimpled appearance, a little like an orange's peel.  It can be caused by a number of factors, namely a diet high in toxins such as those from processed food and alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, a high body fat percentage (again, also possible in slim women), poor circulation, a low metabolism and also hormones such as cortisol, insulin and estrogen have been found to play a role in aggravating it.

There are a few ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time, so if you want rid of it in time for your summer holiday you'll need to start employing the following weapons now. 

1. Water
Drinking more water will boost your circulation and help flush toxins out of your system. Aim for a minimum of 6 glasses a day, but make 8 the preferred target, particularly if you've exercised or if it's a warm day, as dehydration can worsen the appearance of cellulite.  

2. Clean eating
Clean up your diet - this does NOT mean "go on a diet". If anything, going on a diet will slow down your metabolism, which has been linked with cellulite. By cleaning up your diet, I mean reducing the consumption alcohol and processed foods (particularly artificial junk and additives). If your body can't process something, it'll just store it. 

3. Exercise
Do ANY kind of exercise you like, whether it's lifting weights, dance, boxing, running, swimming - whatever, just do something that makes you stretch & sweat. Regular exercise will boost your circulation, help reduce your body fat percentage (providing you've taken heed of No.1 & No.2!) and boost your metabolism. Much like clean eating will do, it'll also help to stabilise your hormones.

4. Beauty regime

There's a lot of products on the market, many are over-hyped and while they may contain effective ingredients, often it's not a strong enough dosage. Remember that with even the most effective product, this will only be a quick fix - but if a quick fix is what you're after while you wait the effects of the first three tactics to kick in then I recommend dry brushing problem areas in a circular motion before your morning shower.  

Once you're out of the shower, be sure to massage moisturiser into your skin and if you like, you can apply an extra product to problem areas such as Soap & Glory's Sit Tight Intense XS. This product will warm the skin to encourage blood flow to the area. You can buy this from Boots or for around £16. Pricey, but it lasts awhile and unlike many beauty products, you can physically feel it's effect!

5. Clothing
Increasingly there is clothing being designed as anti-cellulite. While there's presently a lack of solid scientific evidence for it, it won't hurt to try this along with the other 4. My favourites which certainly have a short-term impact before a night out are Zaggora's HotPants for working out in and Moda Cosmetica's TrimPins tights to be worn throughout the day at work or on a night out. 

Both of these two items work by using your own body heat to boost circulation to problem areas. The TrimPin tights also contain skin plumping and moisturising ingredients within the fibres, such as Retinol, Caffeine, Ceramides Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Worn each day for work over a few weeks and skin does feel smoother and less bumpy. The tights also have a lovely glossy appearance so they make your legs look and feel great both on and off! You can purchase these tights from the Moda Cosmetica website for £12.99. 

Remember, like the beauty products, these are short term fixes and work best when teamed with a healthy, active lifestyle. Think of it as attacking cellulite from all possible angles!

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