Jabra Sport Wireless+: The perfect earphones for working out

There's no doubt about it, wireless headphones and earphones are far easier to work out with than their tangled, always-in-the-way, wired counterparts. 

When Jabra approached athletes to ask what they wanted in their ideal sports headset, they said that they wanted to lose the wires, keep the sound quality and ensure that the earphones won't fall off while breaking a sweat. I couldn't agree more and fortunately the Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones deliver just that. 
The earphones connect to via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPod and if you have neither of these, you can use the built in FM radio feature at the touch of a tiny button. 

The earphones are ideal for exercising in all weathers and for all kinds of extreme sports as they are weather, sweat and shock proof! Packaged with seven pairs of silicone 'eargels' of different shapes, you can easily replace the standard round eargels (pictured above) with a pair of eargels that fit your ears perfectly. It can feel like a bit of a faff at first to keep taking the earphones off and on again to find the perfect fit, but once you've found it they are incredibly comfortable and won't fall out of your ears even during the most energetic workout.  The short wire that connects the two earpieces around the back of your neck can also be adjusted using the small yellow 'fitclip'.

Setting the earphones up for the first time to work on your iDevice is very easy, press and hold the multi function button to switch them on and listen to the voice guided instructions! Or you'll have to do is enable Bluetooth on your phone and connect to the Jabra earphones once your device has found them.

There's a few buttons on the right hand earphone, this includes volume & skip, a multi-function button for play/pause and answer calls (yes, there's even a built in microphone!) and also the FM radio button. 

The earphones are charged via a mini USB port, using the included cable. It took me a little while to find the port as it's discreetly hidden under a small flap on the right earphone (pictured right). The earphones remained charged for around 1 week or 2 depending on how much you use them and the battery level is indicated in the top right hand corner of your device between the Bluetooth logo and the battery indicated of your device by a very small battery symbol of it's own. 

Overall, the sound the earphones kick out really is impressive for such a small wireless device. Once you're use to the positioning of the buttons they become very convenient to use during workouts and mean that your iDevice can remain safely tucked away in a bag or pocket.  

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones can be bought from Amazon.co.uk and cost around £60-70 brand new. 

received a free sample of the product  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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