Kickstart your New Years Resolution with the latest fitness gadgets

The fitness gadgets
of your 2014 gym kit
2014 is set to be the year where technology becomes a useful part of your gym kit. A whole new batch of fitness gadgets promises to be more sleek, accurate and multi-functional than ever. Here's a quick round up of the latest in fitness tech to get you started on your New Years Resolution. 

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MisFit Shine, £99.95. Available from John Lewis

MisFit Shine
This sleek, shiny button is set to rival the Fitbit One. It's an activity tracker that can be clipped to clothing or worn on our wrist to to track any sport, including swimming (a huge advantage over the non-waterproof FitBit!), daily activity and sleeping. It's powered by a coin battery which lasts up to four months so there's no annoying cables or weekly low-battery warnings.  All the data collected is synced to the accompanying Shine app where you can check your progress towards your daily activity goal. 

Jabra Sport+

Jabra Sport Wireless+ - £79.99, Available from

These earphones clip around your ears comfortably and wirelessly connect to your iPhone/iPod for music on the go via Bluetooth. There's controls on the right ear for volume, play/pause, skip, battery level check and even FM radio if you don't want to take your iPhone/iPod out with you. The neck cable can be adjusted with a small clip to your perfect size and the earphones come with a variety of different 'eargels' to customise the fit for maximum comfort. The sound quality is far superior to standard Apple earphones and you can even take calls on the go - if you're not out of breath!

Scosche RHYTHM - £99, Available from Apple Stores

Scosche RHYTHM
This device is worn on your upper forearm and measures your heart rate without the need for a chest strap. Your workout data is synced via Bluetooth to the app. The app, combined with the option to enable GPS, allows you to track calories burned, pulse, distance, speed and time.There's volume controls and a pause/play on the front for controlling your iPhone/iPod's music. A fantastic alternative for anyone who doesn't wish to use a heart rate monitor with a chest strap.

iBitz Monitors
Kids Monitor - £29.99 / Adults monitor - £39.99 from John Lewis  

If your New Years Resolution is for the whole family to get fit, then this could be the gadget for you. Parents have their own activity tracker, the Unity, along with an app that allows them to keep track of their own activity levels as well as their children's, which is measured by a colourful PowerKey. Kids are motivated to get more exercise as their PowerKey tracker allows them to unlock games and 'power ups' in a selection of Apple games/apps. 

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