PumaTrac: A new, free and feature packed app for runners!

Earlier this month, Puma released a new app onto the Apple store: PumaTrac. It's free, simple to use and packed with handy features to help you make the most of your run.

Using the app, with it clean and easy-to-navigate interface,  runners will be able to use the app to gain further insight into their runs, such as what time of day they're most likely to beat their personal bests, which genre of music they will run fastest to and even how the weather impacts on their results. 

PumaTRAC goes beyond your usual running app. It'll do all the thinks you would expect from a running app, like tracking your run's time, speed and route but then it'll do so much more with the data it collects for you.

Simply sign into the app with a Puma account or your Facebook/ Twitter login and you're ready to use the app. Before you set off you can use the app to check out all the info you'd want to know before a run in one place. Think time, weather, location and music. Direct from the app you can select your desired soundtrack, like your favourite running album or playlist. In the settings you can set the app up to measure calories burned base on your weight and height, enable audio feedback.

Pressing start will take you to a screen with options for music controls, a map of your route and current location and your running time. You can lock the app screen to keep the screen on a particular mode, for example, your running stats or the map and you can choose to have the screen set to portrait or landscape mode. Swipe up in any in-app screen to pause or stop the run tracking and then take a look at your stats, such as distance, altitude, calories burned, top speeds and times. 

From the home screen a quick swipe to the left lets you choose from the run tracking screen, your stored stats, insights and an 'explore routes' screen which generates suggested routes for you with distance an location information provided. This feature is particularly useful if you travel a lot and want to run in a place you don't know very well, such as holiday destination or perhaps a city break or business trip.

For those who want your workouts to feel a little like a game, there's also the Puma run score generated after each run which is calculated on your distance, speed and the weather conditions, for example, cold wet days will earn you a run score bonus! You can share your progress on Twitter or 'Facebrag' about your personal bests to directly from the app.

Check out the video on YouTube for a visual demo on the insights given by the app:

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