What's Your Excuse For Not Getting Fit? Book Review

The biggest barrier in the way of a person's fitness is often themselves and their excuses. Excuses that range from the common: "I don't have the time" to the ridiculous: "It will mess up my hair". If you've ever utter one of these excuses then here is the perfect book for you which offers useful tips for getting around the issue you're having....

What's Your Excuse.... For Not Getting Fit? by Joanne Henson address all the possible excuses you can think of and many of the ones you'll here other people come out with. 

It's a very short book, but it still pack in a lot of tips. I like the way it divides the excuses up into categories such as Mind, Environment, Knowledge, Body,  Finances, Social, the big one: Time and my personal favourite "Lamest Excuses of All". 

As soon as you hear yourself making an excuse, open the book up to the contents page at the front and I bet you'll find it. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a bit of a loop with your excuses, for instance "I dont have time" or "I can't get up early" may really be a case of "I don't have the motivation" - either way, everyone of these excuses is addressed in the book. 

 You'd probably expect the tone of the book to be something like Jillian Michaels - shouty and aggressive (all be it sometimes, that's what it takes!) but surprisingly, it isn't. It has a tone of empathy combined with realism a kind of "I understand, but come on now, it IS possible" feel to it.

There's a lot of sensible advice about metabolism, diet, health and the issue of muscles (i.e. Women: for goodness sake you won't turn into the hulk by lifting heavy weights... but you will look lean, strong and hot! - or as Henson puts it "You are not going to suddenly wake up one morning looking like Arnie!")

My favourite quote in the whole book which I feel really gets to the issue is "If getting fit was easy, everyone would be super fit. If you want it enough, you're going to have to work for it". 
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