Nike + Training on the Xbox 360

It's been awhile since I've had a fitness game crush, but I'm pleased to say I've found a replacement for the good old tried and test EA Active Sports games. 

Nike + Training for Kinect pleasantly surprised me, as I was expecting it to be just like the ADIDAS's game - which although pretty decent, is poor in comparison to Nike's. The best part is, Nike + works perfectly fine even in my tiny room!

Much like the EA Active game, Nike + for Xbox lets you signed up for a four week program. After taking the fitness test that the game uses to adapt to your fitness and come up with a 'Nike Fuel Print', you get to pick the number of days you work out, which days you work out (and you can change these during the program if you need to) and which goal you work towards, whether you want to get leaner or build muscle. 

Depending on which goal you select, you workout program will consist of a mix of high intensity interval cardio workouts, strength training with body weight exercises (think planks, lunges, push ups etc.) or weights using your own dumbbells. 

I chose the 'Get Lean' program, for three days a week to fit around my gym sessions. The program gave me two cardio sessions and one strength training session, which worked out perfectly combined with my weight training in the gym (of course, I took rest days each week and the odd yoga class to recover!).  

Each workout lasts about 25-30 minutes, however, you do get the option to add another round of drills (individual exercises lasting anywhere around 25- 60 seconds each) before you cool down. 

If programs aren't your thing or you just want to try out a  particular type of workout, you don't have to sign up for a program, you can select a 'quick start' workout where you can pick the length and type. 

Don't worry if you have a small room, I have a really tiny patch of space in front of my TV, but thankfully the only exercise I really didn't have the room for was hurdles which required lots of space either side of you. For other exercises, if for whatever reason the Kinect couldn't track you the game turns off the tracking facility so that you can complete the exercise. 

There's quite a lot of floor work so be sure to have a mat to protect your knees if you have hard flooring. You may also want a towel and a bottle of water handy as the cardio training really makes you sweat, even if you're already pretty athletic.   

The personal trainers are professional athletes in real life, and thankfully, they give decent instructions and encouragement throughout the game rather than simply repeating the same lines over and over. It's like having your very own PT in your room!

The game can be used alongside the Nike + Kinect app (pictured left) which lets you view your program progress, workout calender, friends using Nike + apps, leader boards and a list of drills completed in each workout.     

I've found myself making great improvements with the cardio workouts and it's complemented my weight training very well. Overall, I highly recommend this game, particularly for those of you looking for a quick, intense workout to fit around your busy lives. You will not be disappointed!

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