Speedo: Parade to the Pool!

I really think my gym should
have this sign near the pool!
A recent study by swimwear and accessories company, Speedo found that an alarming 84% of women admit to putting their bodies down through negative talk, 79% say they don’t know a female who is happy with her body and 55% admit they won’t go swimming due to the fear of getting into a swimming costume.

This just isn't on ladies, as I'm sure you'll see from my previous bikini related post, body confidence is something I feel as passionate about as I do health and fitness. 

So that's why I'm very happy to hear about Speedo Sculpture and Gabby Logan's Parade to the Pool campaign  just in time for the summer holiday! 

On Tuesday, 4th June Speedo Sculpture’s ‘Parade to the Pool’ took place through the streets of central London.  The celebratory parade of dozens of women in their swimsuits, led by Sculpture ambassador Gabby Logan, aimed to encourage women to stop negative talk about their bodies and tackle the ‘terror’ of getting into swimwear.    

You can watch the YouTube video of the parade here: 

Gabby comments, “Women in the public eye and on TV are often scrutinized for how they look so I know how easy it would be to fall into the trap of taking on board this negativity.  The healthiest way for me to deal with it is by being fit and healthy through activities like swimming, which helps me focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like.” 

Well, I couldn't agree more! Besides, nothing is sexier than confidence and a smile!

As I'm off to try my new bikinis on ready for my holiday, I shall leave you with the campaign's top tips for parading to the pool this summer (and none of them involve fasting or a detox!)...

Stay fit with exercise like swimming. You’ll stop seeing your body as purely aesthetic and more about performance and movement.

Don’t overthink things! When you overthink you’re more likely to stop yourself doing something. Throw off your towel and parade to the pool instead!

Fake it until you make it. Focus on confident body language; keep your shoulders back, make eye contact, that’s what people will remember.

Surround yourself with positive friends and people with good self-image. Make each other feel good.

Enhance what’s great about you. Stop looking at what you hate and start focusing on what you like.

Don’t see your body as separate from you, it’s part of you and not your enemy.

Manage your expectations of being judged. Most people aren’t looking anyway!

Build self-esteem around what you’re good at, rather than what you look like.

Talk positively about your body in front of your children. Just as they can learn your positive habits they can learn your bad habits if you don’t.

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  1. this is such a wonderful idea! love the positivity :)



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