Saviour Snack Boxes: The solution to your office snacking habit

Many of you have messaged me lately asking how to resist the urge to scoff the office cake and biscuits. It is hard, especially when you feel hungry, mentally over worked and have a sweet tooth. For me, the trick is to prepare snacks in advanced and use these as substitutes for the office cake. 

I've been using home made granola bars for mid-morning pick me ups, but many people don't have the time or the wish to spend their Sundays making a week's worth of snacks and lunches. One way to get around this is to subscribe to a service such as Saviour Snacks, who will send out a box of portion controlled, healthy treats for you to keep in your office draw. 

Each snack box varies every week so you'll always have an exciting surprise to open making it far more exciting than a far less nutritious packet of biscuits!  

The snacks selected are carefully screened to ensure they contain no trans/hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours,additives or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, and not genetically modified ingredients.  Without all this icky rubbish, you'll be able to actually read and understand the ingredient list rather than feeling like a lab rat in a chemistry experiment. 

The box is packed full of tasty snacks including dried fruits, nuts, spicy and savoury snacks such as popcorn and truffles (yes, truffles!) My personal favourite treats have been the coconut and macadamia whey protein bounce ball, the raw chocolate truffle and dried strawberries (which remind me of them jelly cherry sweets in Haribo - only far healthier!). They taste completely amazing and put the boring office biscuit tin to shame!

The box feels and looks luxurious, it's sealed in a heavenly themed box and when opened you'll be greeted with tissue paper wrapped treats and a full list on the lid of what's contained and the nutritional info of each included snack. 

Saviour snack boxes are delivered to your door on a Monday - you can have them on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even on a one off basis. They come in two sizes - a 50 piece box (£75) which includes soups and breakfasts for those of you working really long days, and a 8-10 piece box (£15). 

I can't recommend these highly enough for anyone who likes to snack at work but wishes to eat more healthily, they're certainly worth the money and make your mid-morning or mid-afternoon far more exciting and productive. Be the envy of your co workers and go ahead and order a box from immediately! 

received a free sample of the product  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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