Beauty Buzz: Apothederm Acne Clarifying System

Apothederm Acne Clarifying System
My skin never did get the memo that I'm no longer a teenager and so I still get spots and oily skin no matter how clean I eat or how much water I drink. 

As you can imagine, I was very happy to have the chance to test Apothederm's acne kit by Helix BioMedix, made up of a cleanser, toner and treatment. Each product contains an array of natural ingredients such as aloe, cucumber, green tea and chamomile to soothe, as well as a dose of active ingredients, malic acid, salicylic acid and peptide to cleanse and restore your skin.  

The first step of the Apothederm clarifying system is to applying the foaming cleanser ans rinse with water. The cleanser gently exfoliates away dead skin cells and tones the skin. I found this to be my favourite product of the range in terms of immediate after effect (it takes a lot to make my skin look refreshed first thing in the morning. 

The next product in the system to use is the toner, simply apply this to a cotton pad and sweep over your skin. Should there have been any remaining dirt, oil or make up after using the cleanser there certainly won't be now. Surprisingly, this was gentle enough to remove my eye make up with in the evenings.

Finally, follow up with the treatment by applying a thin layer using your fingers. Now with this I caution you (and so does the packaging in fairness) to only use this on problem areas and start off with once or twice a day depending on how serious your acne is. It's a tough product and works fantastic on oily areas and reduces the appearance of spots within mere days of using it, however, if there are any dry areas it may cause flaking - if this does happen, then apply a thick night cream or petroleum jelly to the area overnight and the dry patch should clear right up.   

Overall, I've found the combination of these products to be highly effective for battling my spots and oily skin and over the course of a few weeks, the product helps to prevent breakouts from occurring in the first place. 

For more info on the product, you can visit 

To buy, you can find the product on the Dermacare Direct website for £72. 

received a free sample of the product  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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