Wahoo RFLKT: The iPhone Powered Bike Computer

Image Credit: Wahoo Fitness
This month the world's first and only iPhone powered bike computer is to be released, bought to you by Wahoo Fitness. With this little gadget weighing just 57g, mounted onto the handlebars of your bike, you can change your music and check your cycling stats without having to grab your iPhone from a bag or your pocket. Instead, your pricey iPhone can remain safely tucked away from the risk of drops, crashes and adverse weather conditions with your favourite cycling apps running in the background and wirelessly syncing the data over to the RFLKT via Bluetooth. 

If you're a performance data junkie like myself, then you'll no doubt have an app that you use for tracking your GPS calculated distance, laps, speed and times. Increasingly, Wahoo are teaming up with other app partners like Cyclemeter so that you can connect your favourite iPhone 5 or 4S app seamlessly to the RFLKT bike computer. 

The RFLKT has just 4 control buttons, and depending on the apps you have loaded, these buttons allow you to skip music tracks, record a lap and even swap between screens. If you ride at night or in the winter, you'll be pleased to know that there is also a handy blue backlight whenever a button is pressed. 

Another feature I particularly like about this is the battery life. It operates on a coin cell (think digital scales and heart rate monitor batteries) which can last up to a year! So that's one less device to charge overnight before the commute to work! 

To set up the device initially all you have to do is take it out of the box and mount it on your bike using the included parts (see left), turn on your iPhone's bluetooth load up the Wahoo Utility app (free to download from the Apple app store) and test the bluetooth sensor on your phone, touch the 'RFLKT' option and touch any button on your RFLKT to start pairing. It may be the case that a software update is needed at this point, it won't take long so just let it do it's thing for a bit. And remember you'll only need to do this once!

Once it's all set up, a cheery "I'm working!" message will appear on the RFLKT's screen. 

You can now select your favourite compatible cycling app, or even use the Wahoo Fitness app and pair it just one last time so that your app will automatically connect to this device when you hop on your bike. Pairing in the Wahoo Fitness app (see the picture above right) takes just a second. As you'll notice at this stage, there are other Wahoo gadgets available, including a heart rate monitor. 

When the RFLKT and app are paired, you'll notice that your app's screen matches that off your RFLKT's (see above two pictures), simply press 'start workout' or your app's equivalent and start making data! 

You can watch Wahoo's video below for more info!

At launch, the RFLKT will be compatible with the free Wahoo Fitness and Cyclemeter Apps, available from Apple’s App Store, with other Apps scheduled to roll out in the future. For a complete list of Apps compatible with Wahoo products, please visit: www.WahooFitness.com/Apps.

You can read more about Wahoo Products which may be of particular interest to runners in my previous blog post here.

The Wahoo RFLKT is priced at £119.99 and is available from the end of June from the Apple store, www.apple.com and www.wahoofitness.com. You'll also find it on Amazon, but keep an eye on the price as it's currently fluctuating wildly!

received a free sample of the product  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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