Danio: Delicious High Protein Yogurts

Danone's Danio in Blueberry flavour
Danio, is the latest product from Danone. Available in six flavours, it's a deliciously thick and creamy strained yogurt, high in protein and low in fat. 

The secret behind Danio’s thick texture is that it is made by a method of straining, which uses more milk than standard yogurts and makes it high in protein. Perfect for weight loss and strength training programs alike!

I've had the pleasure of testing three of the  six flavours, blueberry (pictured left), strawberry and peach. Each pot is between 125 calories and 185 (depending on which flavour you choose) and has minimal amounts of saturated fat and around 16g of protein! Usually this would mean a high sugar content, however at 16g, this is lower than most of my favourite best tasting yogurts - Muller Fruit Corners for example, have an outrageous 21g of sugar!
Strawberry, Bueberry and
Peach Flavours

Incredibly impressed by the nutritional content of these yogurts, I was sceptical about how they'd taste. I've frequently tried 'healthy' yogurts only to find them completely tasteless and watery. Danio however, are really creamy and mousse-like! In fact, they've been a hit with the whole household and everyone is now cramming in the protein after dinner! None of us seem to be able to pick a favourite flavour, the three flavours we've tested have all tasted amazing! Danio would be ideal yogurts to take to work, as the high protein content really helps to satisfy hunger pangs.

These yogurts are now available in most good supermarkets and are priced around 50p individually. I'm hoping for some huge multi-pack options in the near future, with all six flavours so I can stockpile them in my fridge. It needs to be done as the rest of my household keep stealing mine ;) 

received a selection of samples (as pictured above)  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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