Could Supertooth Melody Wireless Headphones Become Your Training Partner?

Supertooth Melody Wireless
Headphones in Blue
People are frequently complaining about wires on headphones and earphones. Somehow, that cable has a funny way of magically getting itself tangled up in a knot while sitting unused in your bag or pocket (how does it do that?!), then the warm-up to your workout consists of untangling it and finally putting your music on... but wait, now I have a wire trailing all the way from my bag up to my ears and it keeps getting in the way!

Wouldn't it be easier if there was just no wire? Well with Bluetooth connected headphones, there isn't!

The headphones are comfortable to wear and compact so they'll fit in even the smallest of bags and are perfect for little ears (like mine!).They have a stylish appearance and come in a range of colours including blue (pictured above), purple, green, orange, grey and black.

For added convenience a built microphone allows the you to take and make hands-free calls so you could even have a motivational chat (or gossip) with friend while you run. 

It sounds strange at first to say 'I'm just charging my headphones', but with 7.5 hours of battery life, it's not too much of a problem.  These headphones come with a snug drawstring pouch along with the USB charging cable which plugs into a tiny port on the bottom of one of the sides. If you like, you could use them to and from work and for once or twice day that week, charge them for just 45 minutes using your work computer (no special software required!).

The controls for power, volume, pause and skip are all on the right hand side of the headphones. On the left hand side there's an LED that lights up red when charging and green when the charge is complete. On the right hand side the LED is green when you push and hold the button to turn them on, to a quick flashing blue when pairing with a device and settles to a intermittent flashing blue when connected. Push and hold the power button for a few more seconds and it'll light up red and switch the headphones off, disconnecting it from your device until you turn the headphones on again.

The pairing process for your first device is very simple, while the quick flashing blue LED is on, search for Bluetooth devices using your music player (e.g. iPhone). Select 'Supertooth Melody' from the list and a few seconds later you'll be able to press the play/pause button and listen to your music! I have yet to attempt pairing them to another device, though apparently you can pair them with up to 8 including laptops with Bluetooth. 

Sound quality is impressive for relatively low-end Bluetooth headphones (£69 from Amazon) - they certainly sound crisper and clearer than earphones and are brilliant for songs with a lot of bass! I love being able to skip tracks and change the volume with just a touch of a button without having to dig out my iPhone. Occasionally there is a little break in sound, but this is a common issue with all Bluetooth headphones - I find it happens usually just as I'm walking out of the house but for the rest of the journey, they're perfectly fine. 

So far, I've only had one major issue with them in the few weeks I've been testing them. One afternoon, despite being fully charged, they just wouldn't turn on! I was devastated as it meant coming home with iPhone standard earphones which sound rubbish in comparison and always fall out of my ears! When I got home I read in the manual which informed me that the headphones can be 'reset' by pushing an holding the 'up' volume button and power (multifunction) button for 8 seconds. After doing this, that beloved green light came back on and they were paired again within seconds (phew!). I've still no idea what's caused this, but I'm glad it hasn't happened again! My suggestion would be for Supertooth to change the multi-function button to being a simple call/Bluetooth paring button and have a physical little switch for on/off so that I don't feel like I'm memorising Morse code when using the multifunction button.

Aside from that criticism, I'm still using these headphones and picking them over my beloved Skull Candy headphones, simply because I love not having a wire in the way when I'm rushing around or working out and the sound quality and noise cancellation is great!  

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received a selection of sample pair of headphones  for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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