Fitness News Flash: Another New Fitbit!

FitBit Flex in Black:
Coming soon in this Spring -
exact date TBC.
This spring we will see the release of Fitbit's answer to the Nike Fuel Band. For those of you worried about losing a tiny tracker in your pocket (and then putting it on a spin cycle!) or don't want to clip it onto your clothes, there will now be the first ever FitBit that can be worn on your wrist all day.

The FitBit Flex does everything that a FitBit One can do, including Bluetooth connectivity for the smartphone app, sleep tracking and a silent alarm. The advantage to the wrist band is that when you swap from tracking your activity to tracking your sleep, you won't need to unclip it from your clothes and place it in a separate fabric wristband. 

There are of course, obvious disadvantages to the Flex. One of which is the lack of an informative screen to tell your your steps, distance, calories burned, time, alarms or flights of stairs walked. This is not too much of a problem if you use the smart phone app with it to read your information, but otherwise you'll have to wait until you're in front of the PC to check the website's dashboard for your information. 

The flashing lights on the band are the closest you get to feedback from the device itself, the more lit dots there are, the more active your day has been. 

Flex will come in range of colours, including black (pictured), orange, blue and green. You can buy separate coloured wrist bands to swap the one it comes with so that you can match it to your outfits. 

Of course, this still doesn't quite appeal to me as much as I'd rather keep my FitBit hidden on my bra than be questioned about it from curious co-workers and friends. Not to mention that it doesn't exactly look like a Pandora bracelet, does it? 

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