Just Dance 4 Review

If you're looking for a new dance game to spice up your workouts, look no further than Just Dance 4, available for Xbox 360 and Wii. 

Unlike the previous Just Dance games, Just Dance 4 now comes with ready-made workouts rather than just a change in points system (s with the 'Just Sweat Mode' in previous games). 'Just Sweat' is now a whole area of the game with a wide selection of workouts and workout length options!

'Sweat points' have been replaced with an actual calorie counter, which surprisingly isn't too inaccurate when compared against my heart rate monitor. You can select a wide range of workouts, including everything from 80's aerobics to sexy Latin, and from cheerleader style to electric rock combat! If you can then successfully navigate the awkward menu system (an issue with most Kinect games, I've concluded) then you can select your ideal workout length ranging from 10 minutes to 45.

Each workout routine is made up of a mixture of a few songs out of the 40-something hits featured on the game and some 'filler' tracks - so for the combat workout, for example, there's a few songs that you'll dance to and a few filler tracks where a personal trainer will instruct you on the moves, such as punches, kicks, uppercuts and hooks - my favourite workout as it's just like the Les Mills' class, Body Combat!

Bright colours and stunning visuals make it so much more pleasing to see on your screen than a workout DVD (one of the many reasons I opt for fitness video games over DVDs any day). 

The game an be expanded with downloadable tracks, and yes- 'Gangnam Style' is available! There's also various other features, such as Autodance in the Kinect version, which gives you the option to share videos of you dancing with your friends (not that I can imagine ever wanting to do that!) but perhaps it would be fun to do if there's a group of you crowding around the Kinect on a Friday night.

Highly recommended for anyone wanting a workout they can squeeze into their hectic schedule or just simply wanting to regress to their childhood years of dancing in their bedroom (C'mon, I know I'm not the only one who did that!). 

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  1. this game is SO MUCH FUN!!
    my friends daughter got it and i play with it every time i go over to visit!



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