BTBS's Guide to Taking Your Lunch To Work

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If there's a place on the planet that's sure to derail all of your healthy intentions, it's work. (I'm sure there's many more places, but this one we can't avoid!). There's likely to be fast food outlets near by, tins of biscuits piled up in the office and maybe even a staff canteen full of chocolate cake and chips and mayo-smothered sandwiches. 

BTBS is all for the occasional treat, but it stops becoming an 'occasional treat' when it's every lunch time. The best way to save money and your health is to take your own lunch...

Wacky Practicals
Collapsible Lunch Box 
It's time to make like a school child and dig out your lunch box - of course, it doesn't need to be a childhood one, there are plenty of grown-up lunch boxes out there. My personal favourite is the Wacky Practicals Collapsible Lunch Box. This dishwasher-safe lunch box has two sections in it, a spoon/fork/knife tool stored in the lid and best of all, it can be collapsed once all of the contents have been munched, making the box about the size of a hardback book and easy enough to fit back in your work bag! These particular lunch boxes come in red, blue and green - I picked green for mine as it reminds me to eat green foods!

If you work in a hot stuffy environment then be sure to pop a couple of ice packs in too - you can find these cheaply in supermarkets or even Amazon.

Americano Capricosa Pizza
Tikka Baguette
So what to take in your lunch box? Well, the simple option is a sandwich made up of wholegrain bread, a source of protein (egg, chicken, turkey, Tofu etc.) and plenty of salad. Pack in a tasty yoghurt for some calcium and vitamin D and maybe even a few chunks of dark chocolate for an anti-oxidant rich treat. Other ideas include a a few slices of this pizza or perhaps this tikka baguette

All of these foods can be prepared the night before and chilled in the fridge. If you've got children, you could prepare all of the lunches in one go and save yourself the effort in the morning.

Nutella & Coconut
Granola Bar
If you're prone to needing a snack around 11am and again at 3pm then prepare a couple of healthy snacks and pop these in with your lunch. Fruit and nuts are always a good option and if you have a fairly physical job (or went to the gym in your lunch break!) then perhaps a protein bar too. My favourite mid-morning snack is a homemade Nutella & Coconut Granola bar that's rich in fibre to keep me satisfied until lunch.

Bobble 24/7 Water Bottle
Be sure to take a bottle of water with you (and replenish it at the water cooler) as water will keep you feeling alert as well as hold of any post lunch-hunger pangs (read: desire to raid the office biscuit tin!). Avoid the plastic bottles that mineral water comes in as there are a lot of studies floating around suggesting that there are harmful side effects to refilling these bottles, (Google 'Bisphenol A' for more info!) no one is really sure about this so it's best to play it safe and look for a BPA-free bottle that you can refill over and over again. (This will also save money and help the environment out!). I use a Bobble 24/7 Bottle which also has a replaceable built-in carbon filter attached to a sports-cap lid. It's an ideal bottle for work and the gym!  

Armed with healthy food to eat throughout the work day and plenty of water you'll be well equipped to avoid temptation - but it may also help to avoid taking change with you so that you won't be tempted to grab a Kit Kat or a hot chocolate out of the vending machine!

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  1. Great advice. I put a lot of energy into making sure my kids have wonderful lunches. I need to put more energy into making my husband and I do too. It is really hard at work when so many people walk in with treats. I need to make sure I always have plenty of food with me. Looking forward to reading more. I am new to you blog.


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