How The FitBit One Differs From The FitBit Ultra

The new FitBit One:
Smaller and Smarter
This week I swapped my much loved and much used FitBit Ultra for a smaller, shiner version: The FitBit One! I have to say, I was really impressed with how easy it was to swap straight from one device to the other and I'm very impressed with it's new features, especially the silent alarm and the Bluetooth connectivity for usage with FitBit's smart phone app.

Today's post is concerned with the 'unboxing' of the FitBit One and the key differences between the FitBit One and it's predecessor, the FitBit Ultra.

So what's changed?

Top: FitBit One,
Bottom: FitBit Ultra
Replaced: FitBit Ultra
Aesthetically speaking, the FitBit One is smaller, shinier and smoother to touch. The burgundy FitBit One now has matching coloured text on the screen. The most notable change is that the FitBit One does not have the function to clip onto clothing without using the included clasp, but this solves the FitBit Ultra's major weakness - which was to snap if the FitBit was opened a little bit too wide when clipping it onto clothing. 

In terms of accessories, these too are smaller and sleeker looking. 

 The 'belt clip' of the FitBit Ultra has now been replaced with a soft silicone clip that's small enough to be worn on a bra, belt or in a pocket. This will come in either black or burgundy depending on which colour FitBit One you select. 

Left: FitBit Ultra's base station
Right: FitBit One's charger cable and USB dongle
Another big change with accessories is the means to charge the FitBit One. The clunky base station has now been replaced with a smaller charger cable that the FitBit One slots snugly into and there's now a separate dongle to sync it with. The dongle is so small you could leave it plugged into a USB port on your laptop and carry it with you unnoticed for syncing on the go. If your FitBit battery is low, you'll be notified either by the smart phone app or by the dashboard on the website, so you'll know when to reach for your charger cable before it's too late.

Left: FitBit Ultra's sleep band
Right: FitBit One's sleep band
What's not so clear in the picture (seriously considering making a YouTube version of this post) is the changes in the sleep band's fabric and style. Gone is the fluffy/scratchy Velcro and the fabric band that loses shape! This had been replaced with a more durable neoprene-like fabric with a smaller netted 'pocket' to slide the FitBit One into (without it's clip). The band has a far tougher version of Velcro  in fact, it's so tough that I decided not to bother lengthening out my wrist band to take a photo as it was in just the right place: loose enough to slide onto my wrist, but not so loose that it would slide off in the night. 

What new functions does it have?

As I've mentioned above, I was most excited about the Bluetooth connectivity so that I could sync the FitBit to my iPhone and boycott my laptop all together. This makes it far easier to use when travelling or away from a computer all day. 

The other new feature is the silent alarm. This has basically rendered my annoyingly loud bedside alarm clock useless (which is much relief to my partner!). The silent alarm gently wakes you, and only you, with a vibration (get your mind out of the gutter!) on your wrist. You can set multiple alarms on the website's dashboard and via the smartphone app and then sync this to your FitBit, which I'll go through on a separate 'walkthrough' post. 

What hasn't changed?
The FitBit One still does all of the amazing things that the FitBit Ultra could do, so it'll track your sleep quality and length, the number of steps you take, the flights of stairs you climb an the calories you burn though out the day.

Do I have to install new software on my computer?

Yes, but don't worry, it's all part of the online set up process which'll walk you through it really well. It'll seamlessly replace your old FitBit software and swap the devices over, rendering your Ultra, 'Unwanted' (give it to a friend!). 

You'll simply go to the URL listed on the slip of paper that comes packaged with your FitBit and follow the on screen instructions. For those of you in the UK, the URL is

This software serves the purpose of syncing your FitBit One with the website's dashboard in the background, so you won't really be affected by the changes to it unless you want to update your device's software when an update is released or troubleshoot it should you need to. 

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