Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps for BlackBerry

I realise that many of my previous app posts are aimed at the Apple market (it's because I've swapped over to an iPhone) so today's app post is for those of you with a BlackBerry device and want to fill it with apps that'll assist with you health and weight loss goals.

1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal  is the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter for BlackBerry® and losing weight has never been so easy.  It has the largest food database of any BlackBerry calorie counter with over 1,700,000 foods.

MyFitnessPal is capable of remembering your favorites, adding multiple foods at once, saving and adding entire meals. Another useful application of the app is that it fully syncs with the web, so users can log from their computer and their data is backed up too.

The app tracks all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and more. There is a Recipe calculator so users can enter their own recipes and calculate their nutritional contents.

With over 350 exercises and tracking both cardio and strength training, it’s simple for users to set their own goals and tailor a specific training program for their needs.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal can be downloaded for free from

2. Healthy Recipes - 200k Recipes From SparkRecipes

Cooking at home using the Healthy Recipe app from SparkRecipes is one of the easiest way to lose weight and save money this year.

This Healthy Recipes application lets users browse and search almost 200,000 recipes, plus save their favorites. This app also provides calories, carbs, and more for each recipe. It’s perfect for anyone on a diet or who just simply wants to enjoy healthy and appetising meals.

Healthy Recipes from SparkRecipes can be downloaded for free from

3.YOGA at Work (Stress Reliever) Available on BlackBerry® PlayBook™

If you are starting to feel the strain of work now?  Then you may want to consider spending a couple of minutes in your lunch break doing some easy office workout stretches using this app.

Long work hours at work or on steering wheel makes muscles fatigue out and get tightened up. A few quick stretching exercises using YOGA at work app will help you stay loose, supple, and tension free. It will also help avoid pains of long work hours.

This app includes a wide range of stretching exercises targeted at specific areas of the body which will help you relieve pain and tension from sitting for long periods of time. This includes stretching of the neck, back, wrist, hips, legs, feet, ankle, shoulder, eyes, face, arm and elbow. Office Workouts is your own personal Yoga and stretches instructor and ultimately a regular stretching program will help prevent health problems. 

YOGA at Work (Stress Reliever) is available to download for £2.00 from
Available on BlackBerry® PlayBook™

4. Runtastic
Runtastic maps your activities. Whether you like to run, bike, skate, hike or ski – with runtastic you can map your activities, get motivated, burn calories and achieve better results. Using the built-in GPS, runtastic turns your BlackBerry into a multifunctional fitness assistant with a lot of features. This amazing app will fulfill all of your coaching needs and help you keeping track of your sports activities and progress. Some of the runtastic features mean that you can track activities via GPS so it automatically records time, distance, calories burned, speed and elevation. You can view your current position and route on map (BlackBerry Maps). You can view your Activity History with lots of useful information at first sight and you can even keep all of your contacts informed about sports activities by connecting the app to BBM. You can post activities on Facebook and on Twitter too. In addition, you can upload your sports activities to the runtastic fitness portal Besides numerous detailed statistics about your activities, it also provides you with a perfect overview of your performance and the chance to connect with friends and other people who are interested in sports. Runtastic is available to download for Free from
5. Adidas MiCoach
Adidas MiCoach allows you to put your coach in the palm of your hand.  The GPS and real timeaudible coaching features keep you going past your personal best. Users can choose a customisable training plan and build the speed and endurance to go even further. 
Adidas miCoach enables users to track their workouts and even showcase their progress on 
Some of the fantastic features include:
  • Sync up to so you can save and view workout
  • analysis.
  • Measure distance, pace, calories burned, and elapsed time.
  • Offer daily planned workouts and coaching feedback.
  • Provide easy access to your music during your workout so you
  • never have to pause.
  • Track your shoe usage with wear alerts.
  • Motivate with customizable audible alerts.
Adidas miCoach is available to download for Free from

6. BMI Calculator
This application is designed to calculate your body mass index. Simply input your weight and height to get the result of your body weight status - overweight, normal or underweight.
BMI Calculator is available to download for Free from

7. Healthy Living
Healthy Living provides a comprehensive guide to leading a healthy lifestyle. The appincorporates a variety of modules that users can interact with, including general information on Body Mass Index, alcohol dangers, general physical fitness, mental health and sexual wellbeing. All content is supplied by NHS Choices, providing users with complete and certified information available in a variety of forms including articles, podcasts and calculators.
The app also incorporates tests that allow users to set and keep track of personal goals such as ‘couch to 5k’ or stop smoking. Healthy Living is also BBM and Facebook-integrated, allowing consumers to track their progress with friends.
Healthy Living is available to download now from BlackBerry® App World™ for BlackBerry® 
7.1 devices

8. Pushups

Pushups app is all about increasing your strength through an ultimate pushup challenge, giving you a six week training program which will see you well on your way to performing 100 pushups. All it takes is no more than thirty minutes each week to reach the target.

This app allows users to perform an initial test and this number will dictate their targets over the six weeks.

 As the program progresses, the number of pushups per set increases and users can use a log book and graphs provided which will mark their progress.
Pushups is available to download for £4.00 from Blackberry App World: 

9. Endomondo Sports Tracker Endomondo Sports Tracker allows your mobile to be your very own personal coach and training partner. Using the built-in GPS, it tracks your running, cycling, hiking, kayaking and skiing. Users will get audio feedback for every mile whilst exercising. You can even get live pep talks from friends where they can write a short text on the web and this is then read out to you seconds later. Users also have the option to race against a friend’s time and they can set the app to pause automatically when they’re not moving. Map facilities enable the user to plan their route and check up on their progress. In addition, users are able to use Facebook to add their friends on Endomondo and post updates.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is available to download for free from Blackberry App World:
10. Max Capacity Training According to this app, 16 minutes a day, 3 times a week for 12 weeks is all you need to get into the best shape of your life. Max Capacity Training is a high intensity (HIIT) workout program that promises to make you stronger, leaner and meaner in less than an hour a week.
Max Capacity Training is available to download for free from Blackberry App World:

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