Pre-Workout Beauty Kit (No Make Up Required!)

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It's silly o'clock in the morning and you've just woken up to cram your workout in before you get ready for work. It seems pointless to shower before you go out for a run or an early gym session, but at the same time you don't want to go looking like you've just rolled out of bed (which you have).

What you need is a pre-workout beauty kit that you can quickly pull out and use to tidy yourself up before you're out the door.

The five-minute pre-workout essentials:

1. Dry shampoo, combined with brush and hair ties
My personal favourite is Batiste. Simply spray it on your roots when they feel a bit oily and brush your hair back into a high pony with hair bands. The best type of hair bands are the ones without a metal join as this can snag hair and cause it to break. You can get these cheaply from Boots, Superdrug or any other high street pharmacy. 

2. Facial wipes
Get rid of any left over make-up and freshen up your skin before you sweat. This'll help avoid clogging your pores and then the resulting break-out. I recommend Simple's cleansing wipes which are great for sensitive skin. 

3. Moisturiser with SPF 15 protection
This is essential for sun protection when outside in the summer. Olay's Complete Care leaves skin smooth and protected. Using a moisturiser will also protect your skin from drying out when you sweat

4. Lip balm
If you're going for a run out in the winter, it's good to protect your lips from the harsh weather to avoid them cracking. Vaseline or similar petroleum jelly balms are perfect for this. Just make sure your hair's tied back and out of the way first or you'll be eating a hair sandwich! Some lip balms even contain SPF15 making them essential in the summer too!

Keep all of these essentials in a little bag alongside your gym kit, that way they'll always be to hand when you're in a rush to get your workout in!

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  1. wow, that is so much more than I would do. I would roll out of bed. I found you on the Thirsty Thursday.


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