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By this point, most people will have already surrendered their resolutions and all of their healthy efforts during the first two weeks of January will have just gone to waste. The good news is, it's not too late to get back on track! The apps (all available on the Apple store) below are sure to be of help...

Lift - free
If you're one of them people who likes to announce their new habit or goal in public so that you're friends can help you stay on track, then you'll like this app. Compile a list of habits on the app by searching for them as many habits are groups on Lift, and simple check in each day! It looks a little like Facebook for each habit and other users can comment on your amazing 10 day streak of no smoking, or 2 weeks of exercising as well as giving you 'props' which is the equivalent to a 'like' on Facebook. 

Healthy Habits Premium - £2.99
This works like Lift, in the you have a list of habits to check into, but it's private. It also allows for you to track the amount of a habit you do in a day. for example, if your habit was to drink more water and you wanted to get 8 glasses a day in, you would tick the habit for each glass you drank and successfully complete the habit with 8 out of 8 for the day.

Simple Habits - free
This app is like a free version of Healthy Habits Premium, in that you can list your habits and check them off. Unlike Lift, it's private so feel free to list whatever habits you want! There is however, no option to log amounts in the same way you can in Healthy Habits Premium. 

My Fitness Pal (Called 'Calorie Counter' on the app store, and available as a website, free
This is the ultimate app for weight loss resolutions! Input your current weight, tell it your goal weight and it will work out a calorie allowance for the day with a deficit (needed for weight loss) already built into the allowance. The reason this app is so successful is that you can eat what you want so long as it fits in your calorie allowance (a little like WeightWacther's Point's system) and you can earn more calories by burning more off. Exercise calories are added to your allowance as there's already a deficit built in to the allowance you see! What a clever idea. I've lost 60lbs by using this system and it's especially handy to build up a support network on MFP to cheer on each successful day, weigh-in and workout. Logging food is a simple as searching for it in the huge database, adding your own recipes or scanning the bar code on a packet. 

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