BTBS's Guide To Surviving The Holidays

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It's that time of year again! Nights filled with parties and family meals out, the office is full of biscuits, mince pies and Christmas cake... and the weather's so rubbish that we've opted for TV Christmas specials instead of working out. 

It's a sure fire way to start the New Year feeling guilty and vowing to never eat anything enjoyable again, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are BTBS's Dos & Don'ts of the holiday season:

DO treat yourself. If you've lost loads of weight over the last year, do you really think you'll gain it all back if you eat a slice of Christmas cake, a bit of pudding, and even a glass of wine? Obviously, this isn't the green card to go crazy and eat everything in sight, but if you tell yourself that it's 'forbidden food' and that you should 'resist' it, you'll only want it more. So go ahead, have a small amount of it and there's your craving satisfied! 

DON'T beat yourself up if you miss a workout. The run up to Christmas is a busy period, last minute present buying, hosting house parties, attending office parties, recovering from too many late nights, last minute deadlines before your holiday, stocking up on Christmas supplies... phew! All that running around you're doing, that counts as exercise! It doesn't matter if you're struggling to fit in your regular gym class. Go when (or if) you get the chance, and perhaps make it something relaxing, like Yoga. There's no need to add extra pressure on yourself, you'll just stress yourself out (which as we know, can lead to comfort eating). 

DO test out your children's new Kinect and Wii games! Have you bought your kids the latest Just Dance or Dance Central game? Play it with them! It's a good way to have family time and snaffle in a mini workout to perk you up. Wii Sports is always a hit with with the family... just make sure you put the Wii remote straps on your wrists and watch out for the 42 inch plasma!

DON'T take an 'all or nothing' approach. "I've already had one mince pie, that's my diet ruined, I'll eat the rest of the box" is just rubbish! Ditch the notion of a diet first of all! Think of it as a lifestyle change instead. If you over do it in the morning, don't write-off the whole day, have a lighter lunch, or pile up extra veggies on your Christmas dinner. If you over do it Christmas and even Boxing Day too, don't write-off the rest of the week. If it helps, think of it as getting a head start on your New Years Resolution. 

DO drink extra water. Whether you're drinking alcohol, feel bloated from over eating, or tired from late nights out, water will be your knight in Just drink up, it'll help. Promise. 

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