BTBS's Christmas Gift Ideas

For those of you looking for gift ideas for health fanatics (or maybe just a treat for yourself!), look no further than Beyond The Bathroom Scale's Christmas Wishlist comprised of everything health-related from kitchen gadgets to gym wear! 

You could even leave this webpage open as a useful hint to anyone who happens to be walking past...

1. Fitbit One

One of the most desirable fitness gadgets out there. Track your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep etc. and then sync it over bluetooth to the free smart phone app so you'll always know in real time whether you've burned enough calories to snaffle in the sneaky mince pie.

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2. Xbox Kinect
Move over Nintendo Wii, the best fitness gaming platform is now the Xbox 360's Kinect. Boasting games such as EA Active Sports, Zumba Fitness,Zumba Fitness Rush and Zumba Fitness Core, the Just Dance series and many more! Put your Wii remote and nun chucks down, we're going controller-free!  

3. Zumba Clothing
If your new year resolution is to go to a Zumbathon or Zumba Party, then you might want to check out to buy one of the amazing brightly coloured tops and a pair of stylish bottoms to match. There's even accessories and shoes! Every Zumba fanatic's dream! 

4. Zumba Party CD
Speaking of Zumba, do you have a Christmas party coming up than you need a party soundtrack for? Look no further than the Zumba Fitness Dance Party album! It would make a perfect Secret Santa present at the office!

5. FitBit Aria WiFi Scale 
Another amazing gadget! Kick start your New Year's Resolution to lose weight by checking in weekly on this scale. Not only does it track your weight, body fat percentage and calculate your BMI, but it will sync all of this data via wi-fi over to, allowing you to track your progress using the site's many features and accompanying app.

6. Tefal Fresh Express
This is my latest kitchen-gadget crush! Imagine how quick you'll be able to prepare fresh salad and veggies with a machine that shreds, cuts and slices everything for you with the press of a button. Wow. It makes preparing millions of tasty dishes for a Christmas party.. fun!

7. Jamie's 15 Minute Meals Cookbook
In need of food-spiration? The lovely Jamile Oliver (who I have a bit of a crush on, simply because he's so passionate about his food!) has bought out a cookbook named after the mouth-watering TV show. Yummy and efficient ... and that's just the chef! 

8. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor in Purple
If you haven't already got a HRM, or maybe you have and need an upgrade, then consider the FT4 - not only does it look great and match so many different gym outfits, it's also reliable and hard wearing. It shows calories burned, time lapsed, heart rate and zone and also stores user data such as weight, age and height to ensure accurate measurements. 

9. Colourful, affordable Yoga Mat in a Bag
Tired of using the tatty gym-supplied yoga mats? For just £9.99, these ones, available on Amazon are a lovely colourful bargain! They even come with a handy carry bag for those last minute dashes to yoga class.

10. New Balance Trainers
I have a lot of love for New Balance trainers! They're breathable (so no sweaty post workout-feet, eww!) and have a certain 'bounce' to them when you run in them, ideal for cushioning the impact of running. Oh, and they come in a lot of pretty colours, like pink! Don't they just make you want to put them on and head out the door?

So there you have it, 10 gift ideas so cater for a range of budgets. Get clicking and finish your Christmas shopping ahead of the rush!
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  1. Love this list! Technology just amazes me...the ability to sync all the data from scales and monitors to our computer and phones...well, that's just really cool!

    Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop =)


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