Adidas MiCoach

Forget avatars and personal trainers that aren't real, the latest game from Adidas, MiCoach, features real life sporting heros. Build your own training team with a choice of 18 athletes to pick from (some of which are available on DLC) including my personal favourite, Jessica Ennis! 

The game is available on both Xbox 360 and PS3. On the Xbox 360 Kinect version of the game, you'll see yourself in full colour working out next to your sporting hero!

Aside from this amazing gimmick of the game,you can select various pre-made workouts targeted either at a particular sport (such as football, rugby, running, tennis, basketball) or a particular goal, such as weight loss and strength building. There is also the facility to build your own workout and a few 'mini-games' to play outside of your training plan. A feature I particularly like is that you can view your training plan on the game's calender and also customise the days you work out, much like EA Active Sports 2.

For many of the training programs, you will need a stability ball (or gym ball) and a pair of dumbbells - unfortunately I lack the room to use a gym ball in front of my Kinect, so this is something I haven't had the pleasure of testing out. If you do not have either of these (as unfortunately  they don't come with the game) you can skip the exercises in your workouts that include these, but it does mean a bit of extra waving around on the loading screens and consequentially breaking up your workout.

In terms of the workouts themselves, they focus on strength and conditioning exercises. There's no cardio but this is solved by syncing the game up with the smartphone app and website for non-interactive workouts. If you don't want to use the MiCoach website or app for cardio, then you could of course combine your MiCoach training plan with another fitness game, such as Zumba or Just Dance. 

I love the layout of this game, especially the way it shows you your workout routine, including the circuit and number of reps. I find it quite motivating to be presented with a little chart showing the percentage of the workout I've just completed. 

As a warning however, you will need loads of space to play this game, not only for if you want to use a stability ball, but for the Kinect to pick up your every move - there's nothing more annoying than multiple reps going uncounted! Aside from the space issue, this game is very impressive. I love that it can continue outside of the house via the app, and that you can track your plan online. It's definitely worth getting if you already have dumbbells and a stability ball handy plus the space to use them!

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