Fitness News Flash: Zumba CD in time for Christmas!

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Get your Christmas party started with the Zumba Fitness - Dance Party album! It will be released on the 3rd December 2012 and will be available at all major supermarkets, in HMV, on Amazon and and digitally via iTunes and Spotify. It will retail at approximately £9.99, making it the perfect stocking filler for music fans of all ages!
The album will feature a range of uplifting tracks from chart-topping artists including Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO and Lady Gaga – with a host of songs known and loved by Zumba Fitness fans across the globe.  

I currently have the CD on in the background, in fact, I strongly advise against playing this CD when trying to work, as I can promise you will get up from your desk and you will start dancing like a maniac from the first track (which is Gangnam Style, if you were wondering). There's a lot of my Zumba favourites on here, from both the classes and the games. In total, there are 40 songs across 2 albums, making it fantastic value! I absolutely love the tracks 'El Amor', 'Good Feeling', 'Dance,Dance, Dance', 'We Speak No Americano', Zumba Mami', 'Crazy Love', 'Sukumbiatabe', 'Pa' La Discoteka A Bailar', 'Sexy and I know It', 'Feel Like Dancing', 'Mawa Sillah', and 'Historia'. 

If you're wondering what criteria I use to define my favourite songs, they happen to be the ones that make me get up and dance around like a crazy happy thing, even though I currently have a cold! So you can only imagine the effect it will have on a party! Speaking of which, I've just this moment decided, this will be the soundtrack to my Christmas party this year!

Other reviews for Zumba Fitness - Dance Party:

Claudia Algaze, Global Consumer Products Manager at Zumba Fitness says, “Zumba Fitness has always been entrenched in music - we take inspiration from a huge range of dance styles from across the world including samba, flamenco, hip-hop, reggaeton and merengue. We are very proud to produce this album, as we have always maintained that Zumba Fitness is a party in itself. Now we are allowing our fans to keep the party going, wherever they are.”
Andrew Fry, Product Manager at Universal says “It is fair to say that Zumba Fitness goes hand-in-hand with a deep appreciation of music, which is why we were happy to partner with them to produce this album. We are sure it will get people up and dancing just in time for the Christmas party season - and beyond.”
Pre-order your copy here and get it in time for your Christmas Party!

I received a free copy of the above CD for the purpose of review but was not compensated in any other way. As always, opinions are my own!

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