The Cosmo Blog Awards Party Pics

You just can't go to an awards evening without
 having your picture taken against the branded wall
I figured it was time I shared a few pictures from the Cosmo Blog Awards  2012 as I've finally recovered from all of the excitement! It was a bit of a commute to say the least, but totally worth it. I met so many talented bloggers and came away feeling very inspired.

Although I didn't win my category,  we were informed that we were just a few of 35,000 bloggers who entered the awards! For me, that really puts it into perspective what an honour it was to have just been short-listed in the lifestyle category! 

The Rose Club, London
Me with the two lovely
relationship bloggers from 'Hitched And Ditched'
The awards party took place on the 4th of October at the very sparkly venue of the Rose Club in London. Inside were tables filled with beauty treatments such as nails, lashes, make up, and glittery tattoos. There was even a fortune teller for a bit of fun and a shoe give-away! Free, unlimited, pink cocktails of various flavours lined the bar but I'm proud to say I've still not touched alcohol! This time it was mostly for the fear of being drunk and having to make my own way back to the train station (in heals) and then stand around in my city waiting for a taxi (alcohol just makes me feel vulnerable, as well as sluggish so it's really not that I'm 'prudish' about it). 

Upon leaving, each of us were given huge goodie bags full of expensive products (and naughty snacks for the train home). As it was my mum's birthday this week, I let her pick out any thing she wanted and since then, our bathroom has been adorned with beauty products! 

It's like Christmas, for bloggers!
You can see a few of the official pictures on Cosmopolitan's website, here. That would be me in the pink dress getting my nails done in photo number 4!

As I mentioned in my earlier thank you post, I'm beyond grateful to each and every one of you for nominating and voting for me! It has been an amazing experience to start my blogging career with!

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