Fitness News Flash: 2 New Versions of the FitBit!

The New FitBit One in Black
If you've read my previous post about the FitBit Ultra, you'll know I'm a big fan of this tiny gadget and use it daily to track my activity and sleep. The only criticism I've ever had of it is the lack of a feature that allows the FitBit to sync with the iPhone app. Well, after voicing my criticism over Twitter, it appears my prayers have been answered in the form of a FitBit One! Additionally, they are also bringing out a FitBit Zip! Read on for more info!

FitBit One

Released: 15th October 2012
Price: £79.99
Colours: 2 - Black or Burgundy (Personally, I favour Burgundy!) 

What's new? 

FitBit One in Burgundy 
The FitBit One does everything that the FitBit Ultra can do, but with the added benefit of Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you'll be able to sync all of your activity and sleep data to your phone instead of via the FitBit dock and computer. Perfect for anyone who commutes, or goes on holiday without their computer. I wish I'd have had this on holiday! Further more, the FitBit One is also equipped with a silent alarm to wake you and apparently not disturb your partner. I'll have to get my hands on one to test that theory!

FitBit Zip in Magenta
As with the Ultra, you can track sleep, stairs climbed, distance walked, steps taken, and calories burned. The app and website are both free to use and can extend the functionality by allowing you to log your food, water and weight. As it's still tiny, it can still be worn on a belt or bra!

FitBit Zip

Released: 1st October 2012
Price: £49.99
Colours: 4 - Magenta, Green, Midnight Blue, Charcoal 

What's new?
FitBit Zip in Green,
with the included clip
Like the the FitBit One, the Zip also has Bluetooth connectivity. It's considerably cheaper than the FitBit Ultra and the FitBit One and that's because the zip only tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance. It's basically an accurate pedometer, tailored to your weight data, with Bluetooth connectivity. It can still be used with the app and website to combined with the social functions and the food logging capabilities, so for the price you're still getting a powerful little gadget!  


My personal favourite is the FitBit One! I love the idea of having a FitBit to track everything and sync it to my phone on the go! If anything happens to my FitBit Ultra, then I will be upgrading to this. I don't wish to swap over just yet as I've not had my Ultra very long, so unless I can sell it to a friend or family member, I'll keep on using it.  


  1. I marked my calendar for the release of the Fitbit One! October 25th baby!

  2. I just got the Ultra and loving it! It does sync wirelessly if you're within 15 feet of the base station when it's plugged into your computer, so I'm guessing that the base station also has bluetooth in it, so they sync via bluetooth. I haven't tried looking any further into it though; to see if it can BT with any other device like a phone though.

    I noticed the One is the same price after buying my Ultra, but I got mine brand new (still in original sealed packaging) off of Ebay for about $75 w/free shipping, so I'm still a happy camper. =)


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