Cosmopolitan Blog Awards: A Bit of a 'Thank You' Speech

As those of you who follow my blog on Facebook or Twitter will know, I'm incredibly excited and shocked (to say the least) that I've been invited to Cosmopolitan magazine's Blog Awards 2012, after being short-listed among so many amazing blogs in the lifestyle category.  

I've only been blogging since March 2012 and I never imagined it would get this big, this quickly. As I can't have a '+1' come along with me to the awards event taking place in London on the 4th of October, I figured I'd have bit a bit of a thank you speech right here and now.

Firstly, I want to thank every single one of you who follow my blog, whether that's via Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Wellsphere or Pinterest. Without readers, I would just be rambling into the dark corners of cyberspace. Of course, a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to nominate and vote for my blog, I simply wouldn't be going to such an amazing event to meet the Cosmo team and other bloggers if it wasn't for your votes and nominations. 

On a more personal level, I want to thank my family (my significant other included!) for supporting me all the way through my weight loss journey and for being willing guinea pigs for my many cooking experiments (which eventually turn into the recipes you see on this blog). Furthermore, my friends, (both offline and online), the staff from the Sociology Department at my university, my co-workers and my previous co-workers from all of my various other jobs in the past, have all been amazing in terms of advice, inspiration and compliments! 

In case the following ever happen to stumble upon my blog, I want to thank the medicine department at my university for allowing me to have the afternoon off to attend the awards; my gym instructors, who make every single class enjoyable and encourage me to push myself to the limit; and last but not least, the creators of the MyFitnessPal app and website, if it wasn't for this app I would have probably never realised it's possible for the weight to melt off without starving or cutting out everything you enjoy. 

So there we have it, my little 'thank you for nominating and voting for my blog' speech. I'm incredibly grateful to you all!Good luck to all the other bloggers attending the event, I look forward to meeting all of you and adding even more amazing blogs to my Google Reader!

For more info on what happens next in the Cosmo Blog Awards, see here.

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