Review: EA Sports Active More Workouts (Wii)

EA Sports More Workouts is the second in the series of 3 fitness games by Electronic Arts. If you've completed the 30 day challenge from EA Sports Active Personal Trainer then push yourself further with More Workout's 6 Week Challenge!

So what's changed since EA Sports Active Personal Trainer?

Aside from a longer challenge, there's 35 new workouts, including abdominal workouts at long last! The warm up and cool down are new too, with plenty of stretching and take place in new scenic settings.

The game still uses the nunchuk, resistance band and leg strap system, but beware that the leg strap and resistant band are not included with this edition of the game. This isn't a problem if you have the first game in the series but if you don't you'll need to buy EA's Accessory pack, available on Amazon (see below). 

Furthermore, if you've played the previous EA Sports Active, you can import your save over and save time on setting up. You can also track your progress and general health (such as 5 a day, water and sleep) in the in-game journal. The workouts typically last around 30-40 minutes, it tends to be a little longer than the game estimates depending on the tutorial videos that automatically play for new exercises. 

What I really like about this game is the new calender feature that allows you to see which part of your body the day's workout will focus on, for instance some days are full-on tough full body workouts and others focus primarily on upper body or lower body exercises. Like the previous game, you can still schedule rest days and should you miss a workout on your scheduled rest day, the game will simply write it off as a rest day so you can catch up on your workout the next day.

I would recommend this series of games over almost any workout DVD, simply because you'll won't be subjected to repetitive workouts and it's interactive which is very handy for when you're teaching yourself how to perform new exercises correctly.  It's ideal for anyone wanting to get started with exercise or it can be used to supplement other workouts, for example, I would swim and use the Zumba game on some of my EA Active rest days. 

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