Pump It Up: Move it to Lose It! DVD Review

Each year, the Ministry of Sound releases a new workout DVD as part of the 'Pump It Up' series. This year, the DVD is better than ever, with the latest songs to get you dancing and a new customisable workout structure. 

The presenter(s)
This year's Pump It Up has a new presenter, Jay, who is a very smiley personality and a lot more pleasant to workout with than many other fitness DVD instructors.  There's also four backing dancers (pictured on the DVD sleeve) that will either motivate you or irritate you with their amazing figures and skimpy outfits, depending on your disposition. 

The workout
On the disc menu, you are presented with a choice of 'Tone', 'Dance Mix 1', 'Dance Mix 2', Dance Mix 3' and 'Legs, Bums & Tums'. You're advised to pick three and will always start on a warm up and finish on a cool down which is comprised of a range of stretches. The DVD warns you that you should only select all of the sections if you're of a high level of physical fitness.

The good
You can make the workout as long or as short as you want thanks to the choice of sections! Very handy if you're short of time and equally handy for increasing your endurance over time as you could gradually increase the number of sections you select. 

If you like Zumba, chances are you'll like the idea of a dance-based workout. There's something about working out to music that makes it feel more like dancing than a chore. 'Dance Mix 2' in particular will be a favourite of Zumba fans with it's Latin and Caribbean inspired dance moves. 

It's a good full body workout too, there's plenty of abs, legs and arms focused exercises much like circuit training DVDs. If you wanted to, you could add in hand weights and ankle weights to increase the difficulty over time. 

Unlike other fitness DVDs, I don't actually have a bad word to say about this! It's affordable, customisable and has a happy feeling to it. There's no silly banter between the presenters, the music is upbeat and has a sort of 'sexy vibe' going on and all of the presenters do the workout! (Yes, Jillian Micheals in 30 Day Shred, we're looking at you right now!).

Be sure to look at around January 2013 time, as I suspect Ministry of Sound will release a new Pump It Up with the latest hits! 

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