Lunch Box Solution: Low Calorie Chicken Tikka Baguette

So the children are heading back to school and now you're having to think of creative tasty lunch box fillers. Or perhaps, you're looking for something to take to work to avoid the lunch time trip to the nearest fast food outlet. Well look no further than this tasty Chicken Tikka Baguette for just 165 calories per baguette! To save time, you can prep the chicken before hand and then simply fill a baguette with it in the morning before you dash out of the door.  

You will need:
A small baguette - I like the Petits Pains from Weight Watchers which you pop into the oven for 10 minutes for a fresh-tasting crusty baguette for just 111 calories. 
20g pre-cooked sliced chicken
1tsp of Tikka powder
2 sprigs of fresh coriander
1tbls of lemon juice
1 tbls of low-fat natural bio yoghurt
Low calorie cooking spray

1) Add the yoghurt, lemon juice and Tikka powder to a jug and mix well with a spoon

2) Pour the mixture onto the chicken slices and pop in the fridge of 10 minutes. 

3) Meanwhile, heat up a griddle pan and spray with the low calorie cooking spray.

4) Griddle the chicken until it begins to blacken, turning each minute.

5) Season the chicken with fresh coriander and then fill the baguette with it. 

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